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    The following is from, one of the many (16), books written by Ruth Montgomery, a world famous news journalist.     

Ruth Montgomery: Herald of the New Age


This particular book Ruth Montgomery: Herald of the New Age was written with Joanne Garland in 1986 and sums up her writings and her life. Her books will open the eyes of the most skeptics, if they dare to read them with an open mind. If we are ever to live in peace, and if the desire is great enough, the guidelines are in her books. Her books can be found through Barnes & Noble, just click on the banner above.

Ruth Montgomery met Arthur Ford, a renowned psychic at a time when he was speaking on behalf of the Spiritual Frontiers Fellowship. She interviewed him from a skeptical point of view, which helped to change her entire life. He taught her automatic writing, and when he passed away, joined the Guides who were writing through Ruth.

From Ruth Montgomery: Herald of the New Age written with Joanne Garland in 1986

150... , Arthur returned to the purpose of the book that he wished to help Ruth Mongomery write, to "clear out the minds" of those who still cling to mistaken ideas about the beyond. "We are the co-creators with God of what we find for ourselves here," he insisted. "Ruth, we want you to wake the people up to the importance of this towering truth. They, with their thoughts, are not only creating the pattern of their future lives, but their own heaven or hell."

As he continued at each day's session to reveal details about life beyond the grave, he mentioned God so frequently that Ruth finally asked him to define his term. "Who or what is God?" she inquired, trusting that Arthur must by now have gained some greater insight into this mystery from his new vantage point.

"God," he explained, "is the core of the universe from which all else flows forth. He is truth and energy. He is matter and spirit, and all things of heaven and earth. . . . He is also the essence of our being, without which nothing would exist. . . . God is! The eternal I Am. . . . Because we are imperfect in our reactions and behavioral pattern, we must strive ever onward through many earth cycles until we achieve sufficient perfection to rejoin God as co-creators . . . thus our ceaseless attempts to return to the physical state in order to erase our rough edges and be able to fit into the Godhead as perfect segments of the whole."

"Does He then hear our individual prayers?" Ruth asked, wondering how such an all-encompassing force could respond to the daily petitions of countless millions of people who sought help and comfort through their own religious faiths.

"God is total awareness," Arthur answered. "He not only hears prayer, but knows without being asked what the plea is going to be. . . . This I know, and when we approach Him lovingly and trustingly, as we would a wise parent, He is ready to grant that which is in our best interests if it harms no one else. . . . Ruth, God is All!"

243... In her study of reincarnation for Here and Hereafter, Ruth also pointed out the therapeutic value of an understanding of past lives in helping individuals to uncover the hidden causes of seemingly irrational phobias, such as fear of knives or bodies of water, acrophobia, claustrophobia, or fear of open spaces. Likewise, she noted, it can help to explain the origins of otherwise puzzling attitudes, such as an instant like or dislike of another person or clashing personalities within a family relationship, and she described numerous cases of prenatal hypnotic regression in which she had participated.

Many practicing therapists had independently reached similar conclusions, but until the notion of reincarnation became more widely understood and accepted, they were forced to keep their views to themselves or to share them only with trusted colleagues who held similar attitudes. Despite individual, private research into the validity of past-life therapy, with carefully documented and proven results, practicing clinicians risked public censure, professional ostracism, and even revocation of their credentials if they dared to advocate such an as yet unorthodox approach.

All that began to change with greater public understanding of the mounting evidence in support of reincarnation. In 1978 two practicing therapists, Dr. Edith Fiore and Dr. Morris Netherton, published separate books with basically the same premise that Ruth had noted a decade earlier, that problems of current behavior can frequently be resolved through an understanding of causes that extend back through past lifetimes. Past-life therapy, practiced either with hypnosis or with relaxation and imagery, has been found to be effective whether the patient believes in reincarnation or not.

  It is this consistency of results that inspired formation in 1980 of the Association for Past-Life Research and Therapy in order to promote formal research and training in reincarnation therapy, to share information, and to maintain professional standards of practice.

Dr. Hazel Denning, executive director and one of the founders of APRT, began her own research in this field more than two decades ago, long before any practicing psychologist could discuss it openly without incurring ridicule. Her results substantiated all of the basic Philosophies that Ruth Montgomery and The Guides, as well as other writers who followed, maintained about the principles of the universe--that we live a series of lifetimes in order to learn and grow and evolve, that we are treated by others according to how we have treated others in the past, and that we alone are responsible for our actions and besetting problems.


264..."What about the fundamentalists, who after all are God- fearing people, but think only they are right, and that the Bible is not subject to interpretation? And what of today's cults and satanic influences?" The Guides' answer filled nearly an entire page as they tackled this troubling question.

"Ruth, this is Lily, Art, and the group," they began. "The satanic influences are pervading all strata of society throughout the world. Never in many centuries has there been such fertile ground for the spread of evil influences, as people dip into the occult for non-spiritual purposes, using the demonic powers that they learn in this way to influence others. They are selling dope, taking dope, and employing black witchcraft that had all but died out during the Dark Ages. Evil is rampant.

"The Christian fundamentalists are sincerely trying to stem this flow of evil, and because they know so little about the New Age philosophy and are unwilling to listen to discussions about it, they are lumping all of these ideas together. It is a pity, because some of these people are genuinely sincere in trying to save Christianity from satanic influences, but so many of them are ignorant, with closed minds and little education, that they fail to realize the close relationship between the ancient Eastern religions and that which Christ brought to the world. They fail to understand that we are all one. That is the basic reality. We are all one, and instead of lambasting other religious groups as so many of them are now doing, they should be drawing together and accepting that the worship of the one God with many messengers is the proper role for Christians, Jews, and all sects.

"One God indivisible, and love for one's fellow man." That's what religion is all about.
"The rift [between Christian fundamentalists and spiritually minded New Age devotees] will probably not be erased until the axial shift occurs, at which time the population will be so decimated that the survivors, helped by Walk-ins and extraterrestrials, will realize the wisdom of all pulling together for the good of everyone. There have always been religious confrontations and ways fought in the name of religion. The New Age, the millennium, will see an end to that strife, at least for a thousand years. Beyond that we cannot prophesy."

Almost as a postscript to this lengthy dissertation, they added on the following day: "The philosophical rift, as we said, will continue until the shift of the earth on its axis. People's minds will then be almost universally opened to the broader spectrum of thought that leads to the under- standing that there are many paths to the top of the mountain but only one top, God. Some may wind around and around on the way up, but the important thing to remember is that all paths which lead upward in spirituality will eventually reach the pinnacle, the return to the Creator. The earth is now orbiting nearer to the central core of the cosmos, and because of that fact people's minds are more and more being opened to the reality that we are all one and that each of us is a part of God."

During the next decade and before the shift of the earth on its axis, the Guides told Ruth, a Walk-in will be elected President of the United States. Walk-ins, as they explained in Strangers Among Us, are high-minded beings who, having attained sufficient awareness in previous incarnations, are permitted to return to earth life as adults, taking over dying or unwanted bodies, if their purpose is to serve humanity. Arriving now in ever increasing numbers, Walk-ins are working quietly to help earthlings prepare for the troubled years ahead.

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The Forward in Strangers Among Us.

Benjamin Franklin was a Walk-in, and like all such advanced souls he brought in with him Awareness. Because of this special quality, he perfectly understood the illusion of what we term "living," and the reality of the greater life that we call "death." His Awareness is exemplified in the letter that he wrote to Miss Hubbard on the occasion of the death of his brother , Franklin:

Philadelphia, 23rd February, 1756.

I condole with you. We have lost a most dear and valuable relation. But it is the will of God and nature that these mortals bodies be laid aside when the soul is to enter into real life. This is rather an embryo state, a preparation for living . A man is not completely born until he be dead. Why, then, should we grieve that a new child is born among the immortals, a new member added to their happy society?

We are spirits. That bodies should he lent us while they can afford us pleasure, assist us in acquiring knowledge, or in doing good to our fellow-creatures, is a kind and benevolent act of God. When they become unfit for these purposes and afford us pain instead of pleasure, instead of an aid become an encumbrance, and answer none of the intentions for which they were given, it is equally kind and benevolent that a way is pro- vided by which we may get rid of them. Death is that way. We ourselves, in some cases, prudently choose a partial death. A mangled, painful limb which cannot be restored we willingly cut off. He who plucks out a tooth parts with it freely, since the pain goes with it; and he who quits the whole body parts at once with all pains and possibilities of pains and diseases which it was liable to or capable of making him suffer.

Our friend and we were invited abroad on a party of pleasure which is to last forever. His chair was ready first and he is gone before us. We could not all conveniently start together, and why should you and I he grieved at this, since we are soon to follow and know where to find him? Adieu,



Dr. Franklin, a scientist of international renown, also believed in Reincarnation, of which he wrote: "When I see nothing annihilated (in the works of God) and not a drop of water wasted, I cannot suspect the annihilation of souls, or believe that He will suffer the daily waste of millions of minds ready made that now exist, and put Himself to the continual trouble of making new ones. Thus, finding myself to exist in the world, I believe I shall, in some shape or other, always exist; and, with all the inconveniences human life is liable to, I shall not object to a new edition of mine, hoping, however, that the errata of the last may be corrected."

At the age of twenty-two, having already be- come a Walk-in, he wrote his own epitaph, which Carl Van Doren has called "the most famous of American epitaphs."

The Body of B. Franklin, Printer, Like the Cover of an Old Book, Its Contents Torn Out And Stripped of its Lettering and Gilding, Lies Here Food for Worms, But the Work shall not be Lost, For it Will as He Believed Appear Once More In a New and more Elegant Edition Revised and Corrected By the Author.

And at the seasoned age of seventy-four, taking a long look into the as-yet-unturned pages of history, Ben Franklin wrote to Joseph Priestley, the Discoverer of oxygen, as follows:

"It is impossible to imagine the height to which may be carried, in a thousand years, the power of man over matter. We may perhaps learn to deprive large masses of their gravity, and give them absolute levity, for the sake of easy transport. Agriculture may diminish its labour and double its produce; all diseases may by sure means be prevented or cured, not excepting even that of old age, and our lives lengthened at pleasure even beyond the antediluvian standard. 0 that moral science were in as fair a way of improvement, that men would cease to be wolves to one another, and that human beings would at length learn what they now improperly call humanity."

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