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  1.  Jarosz, Dorothy -
    Searching For: Michael Feger & Michael Johnson - usa  Unit: 8th infantry div
    Service Dates: 1973 - 1976
      I am the veteran's service officer for Diane K. Johnson who was stationed in Bad Kreuznach Germany as an air traffic controller at the Baumholder air force base approx 1976 when she fell down the stairs going up to the officer's office in the hanger.  Please contact me if you witnessed this event or knew about the accident. She was not given immediate medical attention because the sgt said they were short handed due to recent ETS's in her company. Unfortunately Diane has suffered from back problems ever since and is trying to get service connected for this disability. thank you    

  2. Jarosz, Dorothy -
    Searching For: Bill Johnson/Kevin Brooks - usa Unit: 8th infantry div
    Service Dates: 1973 - 1976
    I am the veteran's service officer for Diane K. Johnson who was stationed in Bad Kreuznach Germany as an air traffic controller when two pilots crashed into the mountain side on their way to Baumholder air force base approx 1976. she worked with Bill Johnson & Kevin Brooks who could have witnessed this event and also her falling down the stairs going up to the officer's office in the hanger. Please contact me if you have any info concerning these events. thank you

  3. 04/06/2003 - Jacobson, Debra -
    Searching For: service men from Montana
      I live in Harrison,Mt. and we were trying to find all of the service people from Harrison. we plan on having a parade next week.

  4. Love, Joshua -
    My name is Joshua Love, and im a 10 grader at centerville high school in ohio.  we are doing a project for am. history, and i would like to ask any person who reply's some questions about what serving was like.  plese, only veterans from WWII, korea, or vietnam reply.
    Thanks for your help.

  5. McDermott, Jeanne -
    Searching For: All members - USA  Unit: C 1/11th 5th Inf (Mech
    Service Dates: 1970 - 1971
      Seeking men from Charlie Co. for possible reunion.  Am acting locator for men of the unit.  50 plus located thus far.  More than happy to help you reconnect.....
    Jeanne Mac

    Service Dates:  - 
    HAMEDAN, , IRAN - 
    IRAN CODE 08118254538

  7. Stine, Shirley -
    Searching For: willburn lloyd bowden - USA  
    I am trying to locate my father's dates of service in the US Maines. He died in 1985.

  8. Venturini, Tony -
    Searching For: LeRoy Syverson - USA  Unit:
    Service Dates: 1957 - 

  9. Donna Kincaid,
    Carleton, Michigan usa, -   Looking for veteran's who had training at us army training center engineer and Fort Lenonard Wood in Fort Lenonard Wood,Missouri in july of 1976 and served in Germany HHC54THENGR Bn
  10. Rocky James Giordano, Hendersonville,NC -
    Anyone who served in B Troop 7th Squadron 17th Calvary Division at Fort Hood Texas from 1976-1979 and remembers a Private that got decapitated by a helicopter. Please contact Sgt. Rock at above email. Some of guys I remember are Michael Biggs from Kentucky, Michael Cajun from LA., Kevin Pecka


  1. Younghans, Sam -
    Searching For: George Martin  - USA - Unit: Co. B Engr Boat Bn. 370th EASR,  Ft Sherman, Canal Zone - Service Dates: 1951 - 1953

  2. Younghans, Sam -
    Searching For: Larry Resnick  - USA - Unit: Co. B Engr Boat Bn. 370th EASR,  Ft Sherman, Canal Zone - Service Dates: 1951 - 1953

    Service Dates: 59 - 64 -  GOOD LUCK WITH THE SITE SAM. 

    Searching For: RON LUTZ - USA  Unit: Aco. 2/77ARMOR
    Service Dates: 1/3/84  - 1/4/87

  5. Pondence, Corres -
    Searching For: Annie King - US  Unit:
    Service Dates: 1989 - 1992

  6.  Barker, Marie -
    Searching For: Eugene C. Bozant

  7. Strathmann, robert -
    Searching For: thomas william strathmann - us

  8.  jones, latunisha -
    Searching For: ronald e. baldwin - usa  Unit: maintenance on fort stewart, ga - Service Dates: 1991 or 1992 - unknown -  it is very important that i speak with him. 912-557-4305 or 912-685-4111

  9. Rains, Robin -
    Searching For: Natalie Gittens - Germany 

  10. Kiss, Peter -
    Searching For: Leonard C. Blevins - USA  Unit: defense threat reduction agency

  11. Stevens, Wayne -
    Searching For: Dallas King -   Unit: 67th Evac Hospital
      We served togather in Viet Nam 1966-1967

  12.  chris, augustin -
    Searching For: david m abbott

  13. Eaglefeathers, Toni -
    Searching For: Robert Harris - USA  Unit:
    Service Dates: 2000

  14.  owens, charles - edward Need your email address!
    Searching For: owens charles e - usa  Unit: 3750 civil eng
    Service Dates: mar23 1961 - mar23 1965

  15. Kaut, Maureena -
    Searching For: Donald R. Kaut - United States  Unit: 1598th ORD SUP & MAINT 361st Fighter Group
    Service Dates: Nov. 8,1942 - Dec. 28, 1945
      - shipped over on the Queen Mary to England - place of entry into service was Shreveport, LA- date of departure is Nov. 23, 1943- destination ETO -arrived Dec.1, 1943

  16.  kohler, marcia -
    Searching For: Sharen Warchen (War Chicken) - USA  Unit:
    Service Dates: 1973 - 1976
        She married Russel Whiteeyes in Stuttgart, Germany

    Searching For: capt john theologus - u.s.a.   Unit: 2nd armored div, fort hood tex - Service Dates: oct,1965 oct 1967 - oct 1967
    Capt theologus was the capt of our sport parachuting club on post at ft hood.

  18. Herrington, Thomas -
    Searching For: john crandall - usa  Unit: 118th mp co abn
    Service Dates: 1990 - 1996

  19. harness larsen, teresa -
    Searching For: Gordon  Bruce Harness - usa 
      stationed early 1960's? ft benning ,ga, now lives in california date of birth july 4 1959.

  20. Sparrazza, Jim -
    Searching For: John Theologus - usa  Unit:
    Service Dates: 1967 - 1982

  21. Syracuse, Samuel -
    Searching For: Angelo Rita - USA  Unit: 119th Avn. Co. 52nd Avn. Bn.
    Service Dates: 1963 - 1964
     Last known adress was Fresno Ca.

  22. Smith, Darrel -
    Searching For: Kenneth Townsend - USA Unit: 1/18 FA AUGSBURG, GERMANY
    Service Dates: 88 - 90
    anyone knowing a kenneth townsend, served in augsburg w. germany in 88 to 92, has a wife named sharron, and was from alabama, maybe mobile. I went by the name face... please contact me 815 722-2297, or 815 723-1722

  23.  Rader, Marvin -
    Searching For: Joseph Purcell - United States  Unit: artillery Fort Bliss, Texas
    Service Dates: 1951 - 1953
           We did our basic training at Fort Bliss,Texas. He was from Newark,NJ. I was from Nebraska. Some of our other friends were William Hoyt Pye, and Sam Roper. I was sent to Korea in 1953, and I don't know where Joey was sent. I was able to contact Pye a few years ago, but he is deceased now. I think that Joe may live in New Jersey, and that he might be an attorney.

  24. Burns, Michael -
    Searching For: Daniel R. Campbell - USA  Unit: E Btry 25th TAB
    Service Dates: 1976 - 1979
     Need to find and thank Dan for all he did for me while we were in korea

  25.  Mun, Mike -
    Searching For: Garcia, served seoul, korea 1969-1972 - USA  Unit: 8th army div
    Service Dates:  - 4/1972
    I am looking for my father who lived at san 13 Itaewon-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, Korea from 1969 to 1972.  Had a son named Mike with Moon Bok Kum.  Brown hair & eyes, born in 1942 and loved baseball.  If anyone knows anything about him, even a first name, please write me.  I haven't seen my dad in almost 32 years.  Thank you.

  26. begley, lonnie -
    Service Dates: JUNE-84 - AUG 84 - kentucky, hyden, usa - 
    Unit: B 2-1
    I am looking for old friends from my platoon at Ft Jackson (Hollywood) under Sgt Johnson and Sgt Porter...also am looking for Laureen Lapina from Ft Gordon ...any info would be appreciated

  27. Diamond, Donald -
    Searching For: Russell R Hewitt - USA  Unit: 26th. Signal Battalion
    Service Dates: 9-65 - 9-67
     Trying to locate some old army buddies to see if we could possibly have a reunion

  28.  Diamond, Donald -
    Searching For: Gayle A. Larson - USA  Unit: 26th. Signal BN.
    Service Dates: 9-65 - 9-67 - Feel free to e-mail with results.

  29. Kootepanya, shannon zita -
    Searching For: John B - U.S  Unit: Air force, udorn thani
    Service Dates: 1972 - 1974
    Iīm searching for my dad, who served in vietnam (Air force) around the early 70īs, he was stationed in Udorn Thani,Thailand. I was born in august 1974. My momīs name was Hongtong with the nick name Dui. My dadīs first name is John, and the last name Iīm not sure of but it sounds something like Banickney (thai sound..) for any information please contact me, all help is greatly appreciated.   Thank you.

  30. riccinto, elizabeth -
    Searching For: ricky shaw -   Unit:
    Service Dates: 1980 - 
           looking for ricky shaw that i met in columbus ga. my name is liz. i was moving to holland with my family

  31. Boydman, Craig -
    Searching For: Robert F. Lehman Jr - USA  Unit: HHC 3d Bde 8th Inf Div
    Service Dates: 1967 - 1968

    > Searching For: joseph scheidelman - korea  Unit: 0003 mi bn hq svc co ae

  33.  janik, diane -
    Searching For: HARRY  R TURNER - USA  Unit: served on Uss Arizonia
    Service Dates: Dec. 7 1941 - ?
     Need to locate lost cousin, Possiblly in VA retirement or Hospital at this time in Texas. He retired from Lone Star Steel in Texas.
    Reply: Thank you so very much. He is a Pearl Harbor survivor having served in the US Navy.
    I really hope this connects both of his cousins, Bunk and Julia, who have been searching for quite awhile. Thanks again.

  34.  norris, gail -
    Searching For: Milton, Johnny - US  Unit

  35. nickens, janet -
    Searching For: alex calderon - usa  Unit: Recruiter

  36.  Doornbos, Amanda -
    Searching For: Karl L. Sauerbier - USA  Unit:
      I just would like to know what he did in World War II.

  37.  Berreth, Duane -
    Service Dates: 1966 - 1969
    Miami, Fl, USA - 
    Unit: 67th Evac Hosp
    Also served at the 14th Medical in Viet Nam. Contact to share

  38. Hudson, Donald -
    Searching For: Percy Bell Jr. - United States  Unit: MEDDAC
    Service Dates: 1979 - 1997

  39. Bailey, Deborah -
    Searching For: Michael Georgia -   Unit:
    Service Dates: 1965 - 1968
    I am trying to join our locale American Legion And I need to find my adopted brother to do so. Please help !!

  40. Maria, Temonay -
    Searching For: Ralph Moses - USA  Unit:
    Service Dates: 1972 - 
     Want to know him might be my father

  41. beltoya, helen -
    Searching For: richard beltoya - germany  Unit: 246 transportation corp
    Service Dates: 12/1958 - 11/1960

  42.  BOGGS, TIM - TRBO@search.COM
    Searching For: CHARLES MEEKS - USA

  43. Alcorn, Les -
    Service Dates: 7/24/1967 - 3/7/1970
    Would like to hear from anyone I served with.I was with the 571st Ord. Co Ft. Campbell, Ky. Then shipped to Viet Nam- Quang Tri, Phu Bai, Also with the 661st Ord- at Chu Lai- I was stationed in Viet Nam from 6/1968 to 3/1970

  44. Drouillard, .James J. - Neptune
    Service Dates: June 4,1967 - June 4,1969
    Trail, Mn., U.S.A. - Rt. 1 Bx. 58
     in service in Bamberg,Germany,Headguarters company 2nd 54th Infantry, looking for Ronald G. Martin

  45.  hunt, sandra -
    Searching For: IRA HANSON - US  Unit:
    Service Dates: 1940 - 1945

  46. Spencer, Debbie -
    Service Dates: 1942 - ?
    Macon, Ga, 
    Unit: Co. B. 62nd Qm.Bn. Fort bliss
     I have letters written to Miss Bobbie Battle from Sgt Herman T. Hall.  I would like to return them to a family member. They were dated 1942 to 1943. She lived in Macon Ga.

  47.  ammons, shirley -
    Searching For: braudice simmons - us  
    Service Dates: 42 - 1945
           would like more on him if anyone has it looking for one of his relateds.

  48.  Carter, Michael -
    Searching For: Theopolis Shaefer, Edna Bulah, Michael Oliver - USA 
    Service Dates: 1969 - 1972
          Looking for friends who served with me at Ft Huachuka AZ 1970-1972 

  49. Rita Rodriguez, Ludington,Michigan,
    Looking for girlfriends Carol Rudy, Paula Harrington and Barbara Hom from the US Army 1970-1971. Carol and Paula were in basic in at Ft. McClellan Alabama. Barbara Hom worked in Finance at Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas.

Air Force

  1. Dot'o  Sr., Ronald J. -
    Searching For: Ronald J. Dot'o Sr. - USA 

  2. LaFleur, Roy -
    Searching For: Richard L. Boyd - USA  Unit: 93rd SPS, Castle AFB, CA
    Service Dates: June 1971 - 
    Been looking for my best bud when I was in the USAF. He went to Thailand and I lost track of him.

  3. *Not a valid Email address Castaņé, Alejandro - buzzin999@search,com
    Searching For: Peter Amelio - USA  Unit: unknown
    IF ANYONE KNOWS PETER AMELIO.PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE CONTACT ME.I don't know if he lives or not but all I know is he was a GI in the airforce in WW2.He was posted in Cheltenham in 1944-1945.His home town is Manhattan.PLEASE CONTACT ME IF YOU HAVE KNOWN HIM AS A FRIEND OR KNOW WHETHER HE IS ALIVE OR NOT. THANK YOU VERY MUCH

  4. Jones, James -
    Searching For: Jerry Mahoney - U.S.A.  Unit:
    Service Dates: 1950 - 1952
    We were stationed together at Biloxi, Mississippi (Air Force). Like to know where you ended up in order contact you.

  5.  Adams, Carl -
    Service Dates: March '67 - October '68, 
      IL,  - Unit: 35th SPS K9
     Looking for anyone I served with at Phan Rang Air Base, Vietnam

  6. William Asselin, Clovis, CA - - Looking for Don Hood. Last known to be stationed at March AFB, CA 1960. He was in the POL section.

Coast Guards

  1.  caine, roger -
    Searching For: clyde ledford - usa  Unit: wlb 400
    Service Dates: 1970 - 1974
    can you contact me?

  2. susan, desjarlais -
    Searching For: Ronald Nelson - USA  Unit:
    Service Dates: 1978 - 1984
       was in the coast guard.  then went to the coast guard academy 1980 - 1984.  i believe he returned to service and did not graduate from the academy

  3.  chapman, cathy -
    Searching For: William C Anderson - united states  Unit:
    Service Dates: 1941 - 1945
      I am looking for any thing on my father he was in the coast guard . He was in the band for the first year of the united nations in San Francico. He died in 2002 and was unable to be buried in a vet cematary  I know he was in the milaraty when my older brother was born , he was born in Oakland CA. If you could check I can't seem to find any thing except he had books that he were given while he was in the service. Please help me


  1.  Harris, Timothy -
    Searching For: Brian Paul Potts - USA  Unit: Marine Air Control Squadron 1
    Service Dates: 12/96 - 12/01

  2.  Ausborn, Freddie  -
    Searching For: Gregory D. Myers - U.S.  Unit: Okinawa Japan, Tustin CA
    Service Dates: 3/81 - 3/85
     Would love to hear from you, phone # is 404=243=8104

  3. McCarthy, Cathy -
    Searching For: Steven G.Garcia

  4. Alexander, Donna -
    Searching For: Christopher Nathan Dillard - US  Unit: 76106
    Service Dates: 08/02 - 
      We last heard from Nate on March 17,and he was in Kuwait, with orders that if and when war were to occur, he would go to Iraq.

  5. Forslin, Jonn -
    Searching For: Rubin Aust - USA  Unit:
    Service Dates: 1966 - 1968

  6. Orgeron, Eugenie -
    Searching For: Albert E Harrison - USA  Unit:
    Service Dates:  - November 1945
           All I have is his number C-5,760,780 - A-35
    This is my grandfather, we don't know if he is alive or dead, any information would be appreciated.
    Sincerely, Eugenie Orgeron

  7. Mclemore, Daniel -
    Searching For: Matthew Delaney - USA  Unit:
    Service Dates: 1992 - 1998
    last active duty was on Camp Pendleton.. Also married to a Marine, Claire Delaney

  8. Stine, Shirley -
    Searching For: willburn lloyd bowden - USA  
    I am trying to locate my father's dates of service in the US Maines. He died in 1985.

  9.  Thomas, Larry -
    Searching For: Jimmy Cade - United States  Unit:
    Service Dates: 1960 - 1964
     I was in boot camp with Jimey Cade in 1960 in Paris Island SC. I beleive he might live in Florence ,Sc

  10. Collier, Donald -
    Searching For: Ellihu Ritter - USA  Unit: E -2 -3 3rd Mar. Div.
    Service Dates: 1962 - 
     Trying to locate "TEX" for info. on B.R.Wayman.Wayman was killed in Vietnam.Have photos of Tex,Wayman,and others. Please contact ASAP

Merchant Marines

  1. Gemenez, Gabe -
    Searching For: Dan Gemenez - United States  Unit: Supply

  2.  Thompson Jr., Arthur -
    Searching For: Arthur Stanley Thompson Sr. -

  3.  Garrison, Judith -
    Searching For: Darryl Ballard - USA  Unit:
    Service Dates: 1964 - 1968

  4.  Talbot, Thomas -
    Searching For: Griffin Ray Sumpter - United States 

  5. durrance, carol -
    Searching For: francis jordan carney

  6.  Bonn, James -
    Searching For: Eddie Norton - United States  Unit: Quarter Master

  7. Durkin, Joseph -
    Searching For: Elzear Martell - USA  Unit:
    Service Dates: 1943 - Nov. 1968
      I'm the grandson of the name in question.  I'm not sure of his date in service.  What I do know is that he was missing at sea.  I don't have his social security#.  My grandmother has since passed away and my mother has very little of anything concerning my grandfather. A document my mother has suggests that he may have been a sailor aboard the SS Sagamore Hill if there was ever such a ship.  Apparently he was listed as lost at sea Nov. 25,1968. The ship was 1 day out of Japan when he was involved in an altercation with another ship mate.  He was thrown overboard and his body never recovered. If anyone has any information about my grandfather could you please e-mail me.

  8.  Erin, G - NOTICE: This email address is not valid. This seach request will be removed if I don't hear from that person by 05/05/2004.
    Searching For: Michael Cunningham - UK/Australia  Unit: Merchant Navy
    A friend of mine is looking for the man who may be her grandfather, or information about him if he has passed on.  Michael Cunningham was in a division of the English Merchant Navy who were stationed in Sydney, Australia in 1947/47.  He had a romance with a girl there by the name of Margaret Dunn (or Dunne) who fell pregant with my friend's mother.  Unfortunately Margaret passed away some time ago taking all the answers to the questions with her.  Rebecca is trying to locate either Michael himself, or some more information about him, his family or his career in the Merchant Navy.

  9.  Calhoun, Marcie -
    Searching For: Carl McNeil - U.S.A.  Unit:


  1. Adducchio, Eric -
    Searching For: Michael Edwards - United states 

  2.  p, nick -
    Searching For: boatman - usa 

  3. HINTON, LISA - FREEBYRD0402@search.COM
    Searching For: WILLIAM MCLANE - USA 

  4.  Faust, Gary -
    Searching For: Jerry Kirkendall - USA  Unit: USS Chevalier
    Service Dates: 1970 - 1972

    Searching For: bobby  jacobb - usa  Unit: VFA 197/
    Service Dates: 07/19/1995 - 2001

  6. Keys, Tony -
    Searching For: Stacy Hagen - USA  Unit:
    Service Dates: 

  7. junell, frank -
    Searching For: luray musgrove - usa  Unit:navy base san, po 3 - court reporter
    Service Dates:  - 1954-1958

  8. Blair, Roy -
    Service Dates: March18,1969 - March 17, 1975
    Las Vegas, NV, US -
      I am searching for Theodore H. Wells from Long Beach Ca.He served aboard the USS Proteus (AS-19). if anyone has any information on him please contact me.

  9. Gaddy, Joyce -
    Searching For: Clarence anderson - us  Unit:
    Service Dates: 1955 - 1957

  10. junell, frank -
    Searching For: luray musgrove - usa  Unit:navy base san, po 3
    court reporter - Service Dates:  - 1954-1958Thanks, Frank

  11. Despaw, William -
    Searching For: Raymond Carter - United States  Unit: SACLANT - Service Dates: 1976 - 1979
    Ray,   Been trying to find you for a long time.  It's me, Bill

  12. Skillman, Peter -
    Searching For: Marty Gillette - USA  Unit:
    Service Dates: 1975 - 1979

  13. Maki, Amanda -
    Searching For: Greg Basped - United States  Unit: VF-101
    Service Dates: 1993 - 1997

  14.  Ulrich, Kathy -
    Searching For: John Hoover - USA

    Searching For: Rachner - iran  Unit: unknown
    Service Dates:  - 
         unsure of dates but would have been in Britian in 1967/68. Any links you could sggest to find lists of navy personnell enlisted during this time would be appreciated

  16. Powers, L. Thomas -
    Searching For: James Edgar - USA  Unit: DaNag East Security
    Service Dates: 1966 - 1968
    He was here with me on Marble Mtn. security and would like very much to have contact with. We also were on the transmitter site. Have missed him alot over all these yrs

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