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What Web Standards can do for you.


First and most important, our standard web sites can make YOUR site search engine friendly, reduce bandwidth, have faster downloads and have warm feelings that will keep prospects on YOUR site.

  Our goals are:
1. Bring YOU more customers.
2. Increase YOUR revenue.
3. Reduce YOUR expenses.
4. Get more business from existing customers.
5. Our goal is to achieve YOUR goal.
  We will help you solve the customers' problems, this in turn will solve YOUR problems. We will not try to win any kind of design awards with YOUR site. Those awards may look good on our walls but will not help YOU achieve YOUR goals. It may be fun to play with bells and whistles, but they will not bring YOU business.  
  If you doubt our ability, type "Sarah Vaughan" in the Yahoo or Google search engines and, "parsec-santa.com" comes up third in Yahoo, out of 6,220,000 selected pages and sixth in Google, out of 1,700,000 selected pages.  

Parsec Enterprises' Web Designs
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Starts at $1,500.00

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