Below is a story about Hitler, one of the greatest con men the world has ever seen. There are a few more popping up on the scene today. Maybe we can learn from Hitler and see the signs and take action before we are under the same kind of government. He did it slowly, but surely. 
A good book to read, if you can find it, is The Life & Death of Adolf Hitler by Robert Payne. Compare Hitler's words with some of the words you hear today, you will be amazed, or frightened by the comparisons. 
Hitler and the Arabs
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"Hitler, Goebbels, Goering and the rest of the Nazis, inadequate to a man, were both pathological and pragmatic liars. They lied so convincingly and so hugely that most statesmen from other countries could not believe that what they were hearing was a lie...One of Hitler's biggest lies was constantly to assure the world of peaceful intentions while obviously planning war by building up massively strong armed forces."
[John Laffin, 'Hitler warned us.']
 Saddam Hussein grew up in the shadow of a giant portrait that hung on the wall of his father's house, a portrait of the face of a man his father adored above every other political leader. It was the face of Adolph Hitler! Writing in Inside Asia, Joseph Gunther said: "The greatest contemporary hero (in the Arab) world is Hitler." Even Anwar Sadat, a man deemed by many in the West to be a moderate Arab leader, as a young man wrote the following words to the leader of the Third Reich:

"My dear Hitler,
I congratulate you from the bottom of my heart. Even if you appear to have been defeated, in reality you are the victor. You succeeded in creating dissensions between Churchill, the old man, and his allies, the Sons of Satan. Germany will win because her existence is necessary to preserve the world balance. Germany will be reborn in spite of the Western and Eastern powers. There will be no peace unless Germany once again becomes what she was."

Anis Mansour, editor of the Egyptian paper October and a Sadat confidant who accompanied the Egyptian leader to Jerusalem wrote: "The World is now aware of the fact that Hitler was right,and that the cremation ovens were the appropriate means of punishing [the Jews]." Hitler's book, Mein Kampf, is still required reading in various Arab capitals and universities,and is widely distributed by others.

Samuel Katz writes in The Hollow Peace: "The Arab attitude is pointedly and incisively expressed in modern Arabic literature, which is chock-full of unbridled hatred of Israel, of Zionism and of the Jewish people. The idea of the destruction of Israel is expressed in hundreds of books published on the subject of the 'dispute' itself, and anti-Israeli and anti-Zionist teaching has even been incorporated in school text-books,

The only reason that the Arabs have not yet done to the Israeli Jews what Hitler did to their forefathers in Europe is that they have thus far lacked the military means and weapons of mass destruction which were at Hitler's disposal, to do so.

Had there not been an Israeli Defense Force to defend the remnant of European Jewry that immigrated to Israel, the Arabs would have gladly fulfilled Hitler's dream a long time ago by finishing off those of the Jews the Nazi megalomaniac had left alive.

That the Arabs have not done so to date has not been due to any reluctance on their part, but because, this time, there has been this difference: The Jews in Europe had no army to defend them. Thank God, the Jews in Israel have!

This deeply entrenched hatred of the Jews and love for Hitler and the Nazis surfaced during the time of one of the first Palestinian leaders, the Grand Mufti Haj Amin el Husseini, during the 1930's.

It is evident in what the Mufti said on Berlin radio while he was Hitler's guest in Germany. His words prove that there was total agreement between the Palestinian leader and this murderer of God's people: "Kill the Jews - kill them with your hands, kill them with your teeth - this is well pleasing to Allah!"

No, the crux of the Middle East problem has never been as has generally been held the Palestinian Arab problem. It has been and still is the Palestinian Jewish problem. It was this problem that had to be solved by the Arabs, even as has been well documented in cooperation with the Nazis. They have used the Palestinian Arabs as their front and excuse to achieve their Hitler-like goal:The extinction of a sovereign Jewish nation in their Muslim midst!

Maybe it is because many Israelis have themselves swallowed the lie that they are unable to formulate a convincing line of defense. As Joan Peters writes so perceptively in her wonderful book From Time Immemorial: "Goebbels, Nazi exponent of Hitler's "Big Lie," averred that if a lie were repeated often enough and long enough, it would come to be perceived as truth. What he did not add was that the victim of the lie may also grow to believe it."

"Many young Israeli "Palestinian" Jews react with anxiety, empathy, and concern about their alleged culpability, in response to widespread perceptions about the Israeli "occupation" of the West Bank, and the myth of the "three-or-four million Arab Palestinians excluded from their homeland inhabited by them since time immemorial." For so long the propaganda has reiterated that "Jews displaced Arab natives" in "Palestine," without even any factual framework for evaluating sick allegations, that many Jews feel they must bear that guilt."

When interviewed recently by a woman for a Dutch programme I was asked, after I had related it is true that the Israelis are sometimes guilty of using excessive force. My answer was, that though the Allied forces bombed whole cities in Germany as a response to Nazi violence and aggression, I had never heard this kind of criticism about them using excessive force by the Allies.

Right or wrong people did not criticize the West or Allied armies for using too much
force to free Europe from the scourge of Nazi-dom.Why, then, does Israel subject herself again and again to this worldly wise criticism by nations who, when it came to the defense of their own best interest used far more force and destruction that Israel has ever allowed herself to use against those who, like Hitler, threaten her with extinction through gas and other weapons of mass destruction that will soon be in their hands!

Has Israel bombed and obliterated whole cities as the Allied forces did to Dresden, Darmstadt,Berlin and others? Or has Israel done as the U.S. did to bring Japan to her knees by - flattening Hiroshima and Nagasaki thus killing (as a Christian Western nation) 250,000 Japanese civilians! Has Israel ever done such a thing to rid herself of the enemies that wish and dream to one day do to them as the Nazis did? And yet it is Israel, who does not thus defend herself as the West has done, is blamed, scolded and censured by the governments of these very same Western nations!

It is truly amazing how hypocritical nations can be when it comes to Israel. There is a word for this double standard: Anti-Semitism. For those in and outside Israel who would still scorn the accuracy of these related facts it may be good to end this article with a quote from Dr. Yahya al-Rakhaw, an Egyptian in the issue of Al-Ahrar the organ of the Liberal Party! (July 19, 1982). 

He writes:"When the State of Israel was established and won the good-will of the world and was recognised by many in both East and West, one of the reasons for this recognition was the desire of the people in the East and West to get rid of as many as possible of the representatives of that human error known as "the Jews." Behind this motive there was an additional, secret purpose; to concentrate them in one place, so that it would be easier to strike them at the right moment.

There can be no doubt that such hopes occupy the thoughts of politicians more intelligent than Hitler but at the same time more cowardly than he was.

And for us, we must remember, among both bombardments and negotiations, both speeches and land mines, that we are all - once again - face to face with the Jewish problem, not just the Zionist problem; and we must reassess all those studies which made a distinction between "the Jew" and "the Israeli"... and we must redefine the meaning of the word "Jew" so that we do not imagine that we are speaking of a divinely revealed religion, or a minority persecuted by mankind. Every word has an origin, a development and a history, and it seems that the word "Jew" today has changed its content and meaning.

We thus find ourselves face to face with the essence of a problem which has recently donned the gown of religion and concentrated itself on a piece of land. In this confrontation we cannot see who was the wisest of those who confronted this problem... and who, out of compassion for humanity, tried to exterminate every Jew, but despaired of curing this cancerous growth on the body of mankind. And now they virtually confirm the accuracy of his intuition."

May Israel be wiser in relation to this death wish of her neighbours, than the Jews in Europe were. They belittled the writings and speeches of Hitler and the Nazis and they were massacred as a result. May it not happen again!

" but in the background, whispering like Greek furies, were the leaders of other Arab states. They are willing to fight for Jerusalem to the last Palestinian."