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Jet's Pizza - 3809 Plaza Dr., Oceanside, CA 92056

Old California Mining Company: Known as a place you could relax, always get what you want. Hearty meals and low prices and never get cheated, has been it's reputation from the Forty-Niner's days. Those values ring true today. Billy Grubsteak, Old California Mining Co., Restaurant Row, San Marcos, CA 92069 - (760) 761-4900 - http://www.oldcal.com

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I ate my first pizza in Atlantic City and was hooked. When I lived in New York City I enjoyed the best, and when I moved to California in 1960 could not find a real pizza. I am sure there were some, but I couldn't find any. I gave up and rarely ate pizza,  when I did eat one, I complained. 

One day while driving on Washington Blvd in Hillcrest, which is part of San Diego, I spotted a sign that said "Bronx Pizza". I pulled over and went into a small building. I got a tingling sensation as I viewed the pizzas displayed in the show case. They sold it by the slice.

 I asked the guy behind the counter, who looked like one of the owners, if he was from da Bronx. He replied, Yeah, I'm from da Bronx. Who wants ta know. I got a tear in my eye as I said, "Gimme a slice wid pepperoni and sausage." He took a slice from the case and tossed it in the oven for a few minutes and then put it on a paper plate and shoved it across the counter. I took it as if I was handling a new born baby. I knew I had found da place. I took my first bite and hardly noticed the hot cheese on my lip as the flavor cursed through my taste buds - I knew I had found home. The crust was thin and crisp, not a gob of dough like the California pizzas, the tomatoe sauce was spicy and you could taste the pear tomatoes and Italian seasoning. I had a second one, plain,  with only cheese. I was in heaven. I left there floating on a cloud. 

I have taken my friends, some from New York, for a pizza and they have made it their meeting place.  I used to get calls when I lived in San Diego asking me to meet them there for lunch. Leaving the Bronx Pizza was the only thing I regretted when I moved North to Oceanside.

Next door to the Mail Boxes Etc. is a pizza parlor "JET'S PIZZA". When I collected my mail I would look in and pine for a Bronx Pizza. One day I decided to give them a try. I asked if they sold it by the slice and was told that the individual pizzas came in a square. My next question was about the thickness of the crust. He told me that it was thick and fluffy. I told him to forget it, and was sadly walking out the door when he called me back and wanted to know what happened. 

I told him the above story. He was a good listener. He was the owner and he was from Italy. We talked about pizzas and he insisted that he make me a small pizza with a thinner crust. It was good but not quite like the Bronx. His sauce was excellent, just too much crust.

Today when I got my mail, I stuck my head in his door and wished him a Merry Christmas. He ask me to wait a minute. The next thing I knew, I was presented with a slice of his New York Pizza. The crust was perfect and the sauce was delicious. I will be eating pizza again.

If you are used to the California pizzas you may not understand this passion for a New York pizza. All I can say is try one and forget about the fact that you are not getting a big fat crust. I heard that one pizza company is actually stuffing cheese between the crust - disgusting.

You can still get a California pizza at Jet's Pizza, but do try the New York (Original)pizza.


Bully's North/Del Mar 1404 Camino Del Mar - 619/755-1660

Dined at Bully's North, in Del Mar this last Tuesday evening. My first visit and my first bowl of onion soup that tasted as good as the onion soup found in most good restaurants in New York. I have been longing to, someday, encounter some real onion soup in California. I have been here since 1963 and have tried the onion soup in most parts of California. It took a while to realize that California onion soup is served with huge gobs of melted cheese and large croutons stuffed into the heart of the soup, whether you ask for it or not. I love California, but some of the stuff that has been added to foods to please the yuppies is a shame. Example: I love Calistoga Water, but can't always find the regular, just the flavored. Why do that? If I want to flavor it, I will flavor it myself. Back to the soup. I don't know if they also put the cheese and croutons in the soup because I have finally formed the habit of requesting the absence of the add ons. Real onion soup may have a few croutons but, I don't take chances. Even without the add ons, there hasn't been one soup that I have tasted in all of California that touches that wonderful onion soup at Bully's. I was so overwhelmed with the soup that the delicious prime rib "early bird special" was anti-climactic. The early bird special was $9.95 and well worth it. They have a children's menu for twelve and under. Try it, especially the onion soup, without the cheese and croutons, you'll like it. Tell them Parsec-Santa sent you. Let me know your opinion.

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