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If you have something you want to sell, send us a photo and your price for the article. We will post it for you. -  A fee of %15 will be subtracted from your sale. We collect the money through PayPal, we then notify you that the funds are in, and when we are notified by the buyer of his receipt and of his satisfaction of the article sold. The funds will then be forwarded to you. If the buyer is dissatisfied with the condition of the article, he will be directed to return the article to you and the money will be returned to the buyer minus a %10 handling fee. 

 If you wish to purchase any of these items, please email me for a price. I will post prices soon. 
More  coming!! Have fun!! We are all bowing out one day. So enjoy!

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1942 Alcoa  Research Laboratories, New Kensington  PA - LINEN POSTCARD


BurrellParn.jpg (17602 bytes)


Map of Burrell, PA in 1867.  The map is 9 3/4" X 11" - some clips from the map


Illustration of New Kensington, PA, dated 1896. Before the bridge. See photo and story about the artist.




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