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    When I heard that my home town was planning a year 2000 all-class reunion, I put up a site with the latest information concerning it. Then I added a guest list page so that people could get in touch with each other. From the size of the list, to number of emails I received, thanking me for the site and telling me how they contacted old friends,  I knew I had done a service. They are still using the site today. The reunion was a success and they are planning one for 2003.

    I've always had a Guest Book on my site, but never thought of it as a way to find old friends. I know there are many sites for classmates or service people, but most of them charge a fee. There are no fees. I have things for sale on my site, if you buy something someday, that is payment enough. Donations are gratefully accepted.

     The  guest book is called "THE PEOPLE LIST".  Fill out the SUBMISSION FORM on these pages and if your email address is valid, your name will be added with the following information: Your Name, email address, High School, College, Branch of Service and your unit.
      If you don't receive a reply within 2 weeks and your name doesn't appear on the page, your email address may be incorrect. I wait three days, after replying, before posting a name. Many people have typos on their email address. When an email is returned as invalid, I don't post the name, so be sure it is correct. PEOPLE LINKS BELOW

Submission Form.


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