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I returned to Florida after being discharged from the US Army in 1953. Enrolled at the University of Miami. One of my subjects was psychology, which included study in hypnosis. I found it very interesting and started to practice on friends and people I met on Miami Beach.

In high school along with being a boxer and a football player, I was a gymnast. I loved swimming and because of my acrobatic experience soon became an acrobatic diver. While attending the University of Miami, I visited the hotels on Miami Beach that had diving boards where I could work out, and also, to see all of the pretty ladies who were down on vacations.

One day a couple of divers joined me at the diving board. We exchanged suggestions to improve our diving. It turned out they were acrobatic divers who worked in water shows at the hotels on the beach. They asked me to join them. Being the show off and ham that I was, I joined them. We took turns emceeing the shows. We performed in most of the hotels on Miami Beach.

One fellow in the group had a friend who performed as a hypnotist. He took me to one of the shows and introduced me to him. I became a steady - volunteered to be hypnotized when he couldnít get a volunteer. Then, I was offered a job in one of the hotels as a swimming and diving instructor, and then an agent booked me as a stand up comedian in the smaller hotels on Miami Beach (thatís another story).

One hotel had a trampoline. While giving a lesson to a girl in her teens I ran into a problem. She could bounce, but she couldnít do a simple seat drop with a twist. She couldnít do the seat drop let alone the twist. Finally after many attempts, I took her into a cabana, put her under, then suggested that she would have a strong desire to learn to jump on the trampoline, that she would follow my directions because it would help her learn. We went back to the trampoline and in three attempts she was doing perfect seat jumps, ready to learn more.

You have no idea how exciting that was for me, also for her. It opened a new avenue for me. I used it frequently when faced with a difficult student. One man, in his fifties, had tried many of the top swimming instructors on Miami beach without success. My first lesson with him, in the water, showed me the fear he had was well justified. In four feet of water, if his feet came off of the bottom of the pool, his head would go forward into the water and he could not right himself. I set him back on his feet and started working with him.

First I removed his fear. On the third lesson he was jumping into the deep end and swimming to the other side of the pool.

Age regression was another aspect of hypnosis that I practiced. I could take people back to their childhood with ease. As a test, I would open their eyes, give them a pen and some paper, then ask them to write their name. Invariably, they would print it in large letters, the way they first learned to write. Some added letters that had been dropped from their name years before.

One lady started speaking in French. When I told her about it, she said that when she was young, she attended a boarding school in France.

One person said he was in another life, said his father was chasing him because he had cut a hole in their teepee. I didnít know if he was pulling my leg, or if it really happened. 
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I donít lay any claims to regressing people to another life, although I have had some experiences that were rather mystifying.

I worked with numerous people throughout my life with great success. It was so simple for me that it never entered my mind to charge for the service. I just charged for the lessons or did it to help. It was so easy. I  was never a good businessman.

Once when I was working at the Circle Star Theatre, outside of San Francisco, I had an exciting experience. I was the artist relations person who took care of all of the stars who played at the theatre: Celebrities: Neil Diamond, Dionne Warrwick, Sammy Davis Jr., Don Rickles, to name a few of the many acts that were at the theatre. 

When Jesus Christ Super Star came to the theatre, Edie Walker and Robert Coriff had the leads. We had good times after the show; going to clubs and restaurants, or just riding around in the limousine.

June Lockhart joined us for many of those nights. Sunday, before the matinee, Edie was acting rather strange. She said she felt terrible and was very hyper.

 We went into her dressing room, she knew that I practiced hypnosis, so she let me put her under in order to relax. During the session, I told her she was going to take a short nap, have a pleasant dream, then wake up feeling wonderful. I told her that when she got on stage her throat would open up, that she would sing like she never sang before. I had studied voice, so I new what to say.

I watched from the sound booth and listened, both on headphones and over the sound system. She was brilliant. It was the first time she ever got a standing ovation. When she came backstage, She was elated, wanted me to go on the road with her. I sometimes regret not going, but that wasnít my destiny. Iím still not sure what that is, but I feel Iím getting close.

Much later in life I started doing self-hypnosis. I did it for healing and to relieve the stress.. It worked - I do it to this day. I never felt right about charging anyone for a hypnotic session, because it was so easy. Then one day I taught a friend how to apply self-hypnosis. It helped him and then I realized the value of it.

My son, Torre, was studying message therapy at a school that also taught hypno-therapy. He suggested I take the courses in order to get a certificate, which I did. Not much had change since the early days when I studied it at the University of Miami. What had evolved was that they put a lot of labels on the various techniques and levels of sleep. There was one technique that I did with difficult subjects, something I probably read about. Someone wrote about it in a way that sounded like it was something new. I learned a long time ago that nothing is new, just rearranged.

Now I teach self-hypnosis, and I charge.

Some of the benefits are: 
Eliminate : Smoking, addictive behaviors.
Control: weight, phobias and jealousy, pain, stress, shyness/stage fright
Enhance or improve: relationships, memory and creativity, sleep, sexual activity, academic sports and sales performance.
Treat: Illness, pain
Reduce: healing time, tremors, ticks.
Regression/recover memory

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