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Hi Folks:
Above is an image of the cover of my new illustrated version of CANCEL CHRISTMAS. I have been working on this project for years, and finally it is completed. You can click on the cover to see more of the book.

If you have children, grandchildren, or both. this is a great book to read to them. You will also be supporting me and my project. After all of these years of service to you, I don't think this is too much to ask.
My Deepest Regards,
Sam Younghans

Order Now!
View illustrated book
Don't wait till Christmas!

List price $17.50
+ $4.00 shipping
Your price through this site
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Make check or money order to:
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  1. Page, Danny Jim - or - Texas -  Graduate of Hale Center High School, Abilene Christian Univ, Bethany Theol Sem., Northwestern U.

  2. Booth Oceanside, CA   -  Rabbits?

  3. K.Kluseman   Dubuque, Iowa 52001

  4. david mugica   Houston, Texas 77012 harris Mystery

  5. benwell -  

  6. Actors - Benjamin Gonifas - - Lincoln, NE 68504 U.S.A
    Christian Actor, needs to know information about Acting Auditions

  7. Actors - Dave Rethoret - LaMesa, CA 91941 US

  8. Hugh "Spike" Janson  Los Angeles, CA 90046-3068 USA

  9. Maria Stewart ,   
    I have moved from England where I performed mainly as a singer dancer.  I have performed with Amateur and Professional groups and now a mother of two very small children, I would like to keep involved Theatrically.  Thanks for the browse, I'll keep in contact.  Maria 

  10. Actors  -

  11. Actor - Jennifer Abrams First of all, this spot is great...thanks

  12. Arts - John H. Millspaugh ,   USA
     Interesting. I was stumbling around and found this artwork by a fellow that surely is related to me as my name is the same as his. Do you have any further info on him?

  13. Arts   -   EUGENE WOOD EWW_3@search.COM ,   

  14. Books  sangeeta agarwal   (033)5600896 475G.P road kanthadhar ichapore
    calcutta, W.B  india

  15. AASD  robert bourassa 2135 coast blvd, suite 0 del mar, ca 92014 usa   

  16. Actors - L. Irving-Betts

  17. Arts - Brownie Bea Australia (o2) 6624 6038 - 1/34 Northcott drive Goonellabah
    Lismore, NSW  Australia - intrest in music an dperforming arts esp.  

  18. Wendelin Lockett Coronado, CA 92118 

  19. Kristina Meek San Diego, CA 92115 US

  20. Karen Colorado Springs , Colorado,
    Would like to mail with someone to discuss Hendoku Iyaku.

  21. Art - Gene King Orangevale, Ca USA
    I am looking for information on the etching you show on your web page by  J. H. Millspaugh.  Does it have a title?  Where is the subject located and any general info available would be appreciated.
    Gene King

  22. Fredrik Sallmén Kvarnstensvägen 63, Höör, Skåne 243 36 Sweden
           Hows it like to be a small green , cowardish little alien with no scruples?!

  23. Musicrosario toriz-arce Chula Vista, Ca USA
    Me gustaria saber si tienen la melodia "Agua de Beber" que interpreta el Grupo de Sergio Mendez pero que no se si es su Brazil 65 o 66. Si asi es por favor diganme como puedo obtener una copia, ya sea en cassette o C.D. Por su atencion muchisimas Bracias.

  24. SGI  Art Fitzjohn San Diego, CA  USA

  25. AASD - Abby Lacey San Diego, CA  USA
    Hello to everyone!  I'm looking to get involved in the San Diego Theater Community!   I have a BA in Theater with an emphasis in directing! 

  26. Arts - Harold Land   DE  USA
    I think I am sending this to the right person. I have a John H Millspaugh etching from 1889. I knew nothing about it when I bought it except I thought it looked "cool." I just want to thank you, maybe, for letting me know some info about him. It was nice to finally find out he was a real person. Anyway thanks

  27. Brenda

  28. Randy Simmons

  29. Arts: J D McGlothlin Boone , N.C. 28607 usa
      Have 1889 sketch by J.H. Millspaugh - Interested? Email me!

  30. Greedo - Han Solo - Tatooine, Tatooine Oota Goota Solo?

  31. Arts, Millspaugh - Barry Schwartz 412 Windsor Drive, Cherry Hill, NJ 08002 USA
     I have a 13" x 20 1/2"  dated 1889 - can you give me any information - lake surrounded by trees.

  32. Books  - john crewdson 501 Hornsey Road, London,  N19

  33. Actors - Dickman van Leeuwen Pachtersveld 21Apeldoorn, Gelderland 7327 CR Netherlands - Dear Greedo, I loved you in the Star Wars movies.You are cool!! Is it true that Paul Blake is also Greedo? Yours sincerely, Dickman. Yes, there were two Greedos.

  34. SGI - Chris Iandolo   Hey Sam, nice site! I've even bookmarked it(hey...that's as good as it gets).   See you next Sunday - On the Move Chris I   

  35. Greedo  conner   - mobile, AL  usa

  36. Regan Stokes   Escondido, CA 92026 US

  37. Evelyn Moreno   -  Philippines

  38. Photos   Shandy Glover   Knoxville, TN 37921-6606 United States
     I am a die-hard Jim Croce fan and I have recently posted the "JIM CROCE Ultimate Site" on AOL.  I'd love to see some more photos from this concert.   Let me know if any more exsist.   

  39. Actors   Kimberley Cytryszewski San Diego, Ca. 92126 usa


  41. General-Topics   phyllis cohen  San Diego, CA  USA

  42. Actors   Forrest Robert Stepnowski, lyric baritone  - Vista, Calif 92084 USA

  43. AASD   jesus fernandez jr.   - chula vista, CA USA
    What is the actors alliance?  I'd like to know more about it.

  44. - Roast Mother Goose II - Dear Sammy, Roast Mother Goose is opening on July 30... Great Cast ... Spicy story... You'd like it... The cast is a lot of the old regulars plus some new folks - Julie Elghanian, Kate Hewitt, Mary Forrest, Megan Lopez, Kate Cargile, Grant Waters, Ben Hewitt ... I need you to come and make my computer new again.... Miss you a whole bunch Sam  haven't seen you in ages....  Come and play... Love amd kisses Steve

  45. Soden, Petra   0941-400091 Germany - Sudetendeutsche Str. 2a - 93057 Regensburg, D  Bavaria
     I´m a singer. Looking for the text of Mais que nada. Please mail it.

  46. scott   Actors  -  UK
      Who was the other actor, apart from Maria De Aragon, who played Greedo?

  47. Elisa Brangani   086 - 8521355 - 17, Middle Street - Galway, Ireland

  48. Oly Greedo    ENGLAND
    I thought there were 2 actors who played Greedo. One being Maria de Aragon. Do you know who the other was? Thanks.

  49. Lora Sarkis    AASD  San Diego,, CA 

  50. Allen Bernstein Health

  51. Forrest Robert Stepnowski

  52. Jeff Prior

  53. Lee Munsick   Whippany, NJ
    Have your tribute on Photos 8 to The Vagabonds. Were they also referred to at times as The Four Vagabonds, or was that another group? Like you, I am writing a book, mine on Arthur Godfrey, who had the guys on frequently, to my falling-down laughter.  I have a photo of the four guys with Arthur Godfrey.  He is holding his Vinci baritone uke, and he is dressed in unbelievably loud plaid suit.  The photo has been creased etc. but still there.  I will share with you if you don't have it; do you have any photos or reminiscences about the Vagabonds vis-a-vis Godfrey and his shows?  Please call me tollfree at 8 XXX XXXXXXX.  Looking forward to it!  Salt!  Lee Munsick

  54.  Ame A. Curtiss (Actor)

  55. Daksha Gohil Kenner, La
       I would like to know if you can help me in finding an agent
    that won't rip me off. I currently attend the University Of New Orleans. My
    major is drama/communications.
    Thank you for your time.
    Daksha Gohil

  56. maura brigham AASD  

  57. reid crystal  burwood victoria melbourne

  58. Francine Bailey 

  59. Michael McCue
     I own the same huge Millspaugh etching from 1890.  Very little is known about this artist, except that he was active as an etcher in NYC in the 1880s, where he was member of the famous NY Etching Club.  A painting of his dated 1872 is in the Palmer Museum at Penn State Univ.  Millspaugh's etchings were self-published, and also by Max Jacoby and the famous Klackner firm.   Millspaugh specialized in landscapes, and did noteworthy etchings based on the watercolor paintings of Boston artist Louis K. Harlow (1850-1913).  There is as yet no artist file on Millspaugh in any museum library to my knowledge, nor at the National Museum of American Art which maintains the Inventory of American paintings prior to 1914.  It is believed that John H. Millspaugh lived in New Jersey, but as of May 1999 my research has not yet confirmed birth/death dates.  I own a copy of the Klackner catalog in the Smithsonian and can title any Millspaugh etchings published by that firm.

  60. kelso tanner

  61. Joe Hoskinson

  62. Manager Editor: Mike Villano - - htt://

  63. michael elkington Actor

  64. Ann Fowler AASD   Member

  65. Octad-One Productions
      West Coast Premiere of Nellie Toole & Co.  directed by Wayne Alan Erreca; starring Danny Campbell, Karyn Lewis Searcy, Stephen Bair, Kenny Crutcher.  June 11-July 18.  (619) 561-9823     

  66. Katie Sudhalter -
    Very interesting and inspiring website!

  67. Actors jovana infante

  68. Name: Lesley-Ann Rogers - email: - IXOPO - KwaZulu-Natal - South Africa
    Comments: I have told many of your apartame article and they have gone off their sweetners that have that ingredient. Well done and thank you for sharing this vital information on the net. I hope that by distributing this information, I dont come accross any leagle implications by store owners.

  69. Name: Erin Ashe - E-mail:
    Thanks for a great way to get SD actor info!

  70. Name: Lisa - E-mail:
    Could you please tell me if Sergio Mendez did a duet with Patti Austin for the song Never Gonna let you go? Thanks for your help.

  71. Name: Dino Germano - E-mail:
    Thanks for the Vagabonds page.. Dom was my dad.

  72. Name: Lisa Mc Daniel-Scott - E-mail:
    Hello Sam, You have a great web page. I loved viewing the pictures !!!

  73. Name: Stephanie Costido - E-mail:

  74. From: - E-mail:
    Just a note of 'bravo!' for the page! It's great! I've moved out of the San Diego area, but find the info, news and comments of great interest and inspiration!

  75. Name: Lisa Daniels - E-mail:

  76. Name: dean monroe - E-mail:
    How can I buy A Brazil 77 CD? Where can I order it 

  77. Name: Lisa -E-mail:
    Could you please tell me if Sergio Mendez did a duet with Patti Austin for the song Never Gonna let you go?
    Thanks for your help.

  78. Barbara Boxer United States Senator
    Thank you for contacting me about the impeachment trial of  President Clinton. As you know, I voted "not guilty" on both articles of  impeachment. I voted this way for two reasons.
              First, the constitutional requirement for removal of a president was not met. The United States Constitution says very  clearly that a president shall be impeached and removed from office only for committing "treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors." It does not say that we should remove the president for misbehavior, however offensive or  inappropriate.
              Second, the case presented by the House of Representatives was very weak. The House Managers produced not a single shred of  direct evidence for their claims, and the details of their circumstantial case were refuted or contradicted by the President's counsel.
    This has been a very difficult chapter of history for our country. But now the trial is over. In my recent reelection campaign, I said I wanted to go back to Washington to legislate, not to investigate or humiliate. The time has come to move on and concentrate on the issues that people care about.
    Again, thank you for taking the time to contact me about this very important matter.
    Barbara Boxer
    United States Senator
    Thank you for responding. I believe that when smear tactics are used, it is because the president is doing something for all the people. Not just the special interest groups.

  79. Actor Comments from Estee Gubbay - 2/12/99 Name: Estee Gubbay - Company: Actors Self Managment Group - E-mail:
        Actors Self Managment Group now forming in San Diego, CA. If you are interested in working with a team to help move your career forward, motivate you, share ideas and develop your talents, contact Estee at

  80.  Guestbook Comments from Liz Anderson - 2/11/99 - Name: Liz Anderson - Company: Kobey's - E-mail:
    Thanks for putting the schedule online. I'll let people know.

  81. Date:2/11/99 Name: Sean Murray E-mail: -   Congratulations all on a wonderful presentation of San Diego actors at the all city auditions last Monday. Overall, I was quite proud of the work presented and just wanted to thank you for the opportunity to see so many wonderful actors on one stage. You should be proud, and thanks again. Sean

  82. Name: Dixie Krueger - E-mail:
    Need mailing address of Steve Forrest, actor (brother of Dana Andrews)

  83. Name: Ariel - E-mail: I'm looking for jobs for young actors (Actpeople to be politically correct), around the age of 14 or 15.

  84. Name: John Martin  Email:  - Thanks for having this site available to Actors.

  85. Name: Stephanie Costido - E-mail: - Subject: AASD

  86. Name: Terri - E-mail: -
    Great web page....

  87. Name: E. Duane Weekly - Company: Tuftex - E-mail:
    Hey Pa!! You still plantin by the by the corn in your teeth? I'm doing just fine. Married life is fabulous. Looks like I may do a little Shakespeare in May this year. Torrey Pines is doing Taming of The Shrew and Jeff Olsen is directing. It should be a hoot. I'll let you know more latter. Adios Amigo Duane and Susy

  88. Name: Lisa Daniels - Company: Student - E-mail:

  89. Name: Estee Gubbay - E-mail:
    Hi! I have some questions. What's the best way for my to "be my own manager" and find out about Production companies, auditions, etc. in San Diego?  Thanks!

  90. Name: Robert Aldrich - E-mail: - Southington, CT
    Just checking out the site, i like the photo of jim croce, i agree he was one of american musics most tragic losses.

  91. Name: Stephen Storc -Company: THEATRX - E-mail:
    Dear Sammy, Wonderful page and site. I'm impressed! Thank you for spending the time to include THEATRX. Hope to see you soon... hopefully before the holidays.  Steve

  92. Name: Lisa Wilson - Email:
    Subject: AASD - Nice site...Lots of cool stuff to see....

  93. E-mail: (Russell Copley) Company: Murder In The Cathedral
    Hey Ron,
    Too right mate. This left-footer is gonna Murder you this weekend. God save the King!First Knight

  94. E-mail: (Ron Choularton) GREAT JOB MATE! Very well put together, a wonderful addition to the AASD. You should be given a lifetime's volunteer hours for your labours! Beware of Russell Copley, he's a member of many covert associations.    RC

  95. 10/24/98  Hi to all my email Friends, Silk Stalkings is rerunning a bunch of episodes from last season this week. I will be on Sunday night as usual (9:00pm most places), and then again Monday through Thursday late night (11:00 or midnight). It's all on USA Cable. Let me know if you get a chance to catch any of them!Thanks, David (David G Wright)

  96. Greetings to all.: We got new EMail addresses: Please change the old bookmarks to these: (Edd) ** (Michelle) ** ** (Kyle)    Go ahead and respond back so we know you got them. Talk to ya soon,

  97. Name: Nick DeCarlis *  * E-mail: *
    Phone: 352.376.0292  * 1326 NW 12 Rd * Gainesville, FL 21605    Re: the Conn cornet-- from what I have learned, gold plating was a standard finish option available for many years-- it was also the most expensive option, which explains why you don't see it as often as silver plating. It is highly unlikely that you can link that cornet to a particular musician on the basis of the plating, or the engraving, which is a fairly standard deco geometric pattern Conn used at that time. I recently acquired the same model horn myself, although later (1937) and in satin/shiny silver. Is there any chance that your gold horn may be for sale? If not, would it be possible to obtain some photographs of it from several angles for my historic records? I would be more than willing to cover any expenses. Thanks in advance! Regards, Nick

  98. E-mail:   Terri Marsteiner
    Keep up the good work.

  99. E-mail: (Patricia Alley)

  100. E-mail: (Dean Anthony)
    I find getting the hotline notices on-line to be a far better and much easier way than the phone. Thanks.

  101. Date: 9/28/98 From: (Terri Marsteiner)
    Thank you for the audition notices.

  102. E-mail: Farr)  To whom it may concern,  Thank you I think that this is a wonderful site...and very funny! I wanted to know if anybody out there in "cyberland" knew of any good summer stock theatre companys for non-equity actors. It doesn't matter where it is with-in the U.S.. Please feel free to email me any info. you have on this subject or if you know of any publications that could give good info.
    Thank you, Angela Farr

  103. Robert DeLillo  *  E-mail:
    Sam, This is the best site in SD for information about the performing arts!!. Regards Robert D.

  104. Name: Russell Copley: E-mail:
    This site is very valuable to the artistic community in San Diego. It would be encouraging if those who browsed it for its valuable resources, also contibuted to the letters and comments pages. Come on you thespian surfers, reveal thyselves and let's have some dialogue.

  105. E-mail: (David Grant Wright)
    Hi Sam, I finally got to look at your web site. Very cool! I like all the info here. When I start teaching again I will include it as a must for the San Diego Actor! I don't have a current email address for you. Can you get me one? Tell Candace I said, "Hi". David.

  106. AASD - Lesley Fitzpatrick   Leucadia, CA 92024-1453

  107. Joyce Long Gates   Springfield, VA 22153 USA

  108. Beth Fortun Sallade Hopkinton, ma 01748

  109. Alison Copley alicop  Camps Bay, 8005 Cape Town, South Afrika

  110. barbare mcintee 270-236-3166 Hickman, KY   folton

  111. Walt Petroff   Rochester, NY 14624 

  112. CALETA/PIERSOLL, DIANA carlsbad, ca 92008 
     what a fun site!!!! SO GREAT TO FIND AND LEARN A FEW THINGS!!!

  113. Barnhart, Goldie Golbarn Cape Coral, FL 

  114. pajerski, david   California, Pa 15419

  115. Alessandra   San Diego, CA 92110

  116. Dellana, Ruta Phoenix, AZ  85016, AZ 85016

  117. Roofner, Buzz   Fiendship, N.Y. 14739

  118. Panza, Emrick, Celeste Hidden Valley, PA 15502

  119. Wise, geri  malvern, oh     carroll

  120. LeBeau, Charles

  121. fedoush musco, barbara

  122. Angie, Lake  Moon Township, PA

  123. Saul Ramirez  Indianapolis, Indiana 

  124. lorenz , julianna   san diego, ca

  125. solorzano, diana  Oceanside, ca

  126. Paulovich, Charles  Belle Vernon, PA

  127. corey, irene Coronado, CA

  128. Kaplan, Trina San Diego, CA

  129. Fleischer (Lerch), Gloria Cathedral City, CA 
     Class of 1950  

  130. Mendoza, Kimberlee La Mesa, CA

  131. Marshall, Nicki San Diego, CA

  132. Amy Wilson Birmingham, AL

  133. Marchetta, Christine   San Diego, CA

  134. Ducote (Anderson), Beckky Panama City Beach, FL  
      class of 78

  135. Grady, Caitlin - 973 Alameda Blvd. Coronado, CA

  136. Gordon Einstein

  137. Patricia McIntosh pmcintosh@search,ca Winnipeg, Manitoba R3C 5X1 Canada
           I also own a pair of these etchings copywrited by Maa or Max Jacoby 1888. I too would like more information on the value of my art.

  138. corey, irene 619/435-5026 Coronado, CA
     I am a "mature" white female, experienced actor,  can play ages 55 to 85, sing, play piano.  I am athletic, attractive and available.  Please call for headshot and resume.

  139. Grady, Caitlin Coronado, CA

  140. Gordon Einstein     
    Please let me know if you are aware of a buddist temple/center located in Monterray Park, California.  If you are, please e-mail me the information at the address above.

  141. Lindsley, Susan po box 1148 - Lake Junaluska, NC

  142. douthit, daniel El sobrante, California

  143. Weekly, Duane & Coronado, CA 92118

  144. Global Guestbook Wisch, Susan Coronado, CA
    Greetings, I checked out the website to gain info on auditions. It was informative and well designed. Thanks! I play and sing in the "Blue Water Rhythm Band", a relatively new San Diego band. In conjunction with my full time job, auditions are either hard to attend or disappointing because performances conflict with work. I'll keep reading! Smile, life is what you make it! 

  145. Castilla, Cristi Solana Beach, CA


  147. chaney, jesse New Brighton, Pa

  148. Broadnax, Mark

  149. Books  - Shappee, Rudy San Diego, CA 

  150. Mystery  - carl susman - provide3nce, ri  

  151. San Diego Comments - lorenz, julianna (juls)

  152. Sunset Inn Website  tony

  153. Mystery  Phil Tarver Ft. Worth, Texas

  154. lorenz, julianna

  155. brook butterworth

  156. Kathryn L. Moss San Diego, CA 

  157.  Lefever(Younghans), Janice Phoenix, AZ

  158. Marie Corelli  Ramanan plot no 1594, 13 th main road, anna nagar west,chennai , tamilnadu- 600040, india   -     Marie Corelli is one of my favourite authors.

  159. Ko³odziej, Gabriela - Tarnów, Poland

  160. greene, joel 305-865-6932 - 1720 79th St. Cswy, miami, florida 33141

  161. Mystery  - rosalind  sharon price decatur, ga

  162. Joya (Joyce) Ann Morris SE Albuquerque, NM 
    I need to contact anyone living near Stratford England that has an interest in Marie Corelli.  Would be interested in communicating with anyone from England who believes in reincarnation. I have a degree in painting but presently am starting a book. I have traveled to England as a girl.   Am currently starting to do research on Marie Corelli. She was way ahead of her time and needs to be recognized. I don't think she was given the credit that she deserves, such as, what she did for Stratford. She was known by many important people of that time and no one knows of her (unless you happen to live in England).

  163. Rosa María Sánchez Riobó Cadiz,   Spain
    I would like to receive as much information as possible about Marie Corelli's works. Thanks a lot. Contact me through my e-mail,  

  164. Buddhism - mary santiago Laguna niguel, ca
     Interested in finding an independent group to chant with..  Are there any meetings in Orange County, CA?

  165. Rusthoven, Clinton -

  166. Diane Mandle     Sam - I love your site. Diane

  167. Trevor, Sandra

  168. fink

  169. McClung, Amy  - Vista, CA 


  171. Espinoza, Priscilla- United States
     Sarah Vaughan -   Hello, I will NEVER forget Sarah Vaughan! "Broken Hearted Melody" was one of the greatest songs of ALL TIME! God Bless this wonderful, talented, GREAT woman!

  172. Marie Corelli  - Prodosh Bhattacharya
    Kolkata (formerly `Calcutta')  West Bengal, India 


  174. Williams, Pamela - - Mich.  Detroit


  176. elkington, michael

  177. jesus guardia - barcelona, spain  

  178. McArthur, Simone - -

  179. afeni, stephane - - virginia 

  180. Loee, Leon - - FL 18596 USA

  181. Neathery, Truett-
     Did Sarah ever record "Easy Street"?

  182. Wedderburn, Jacquis USA
      creative is to get around

  183. battle, robert - - New York, New York-USA
      i have always felt that i was or am the most avid sarah vaughan fan. i  know that she is the greatest singer ever to sing anything. i am also desperate because years ago my apartment was broken in to and i lost my recording of sarah live in japan. if someone could send it or tell me how to get it. i also happen to have the michel legrand album. i miss her still.

  184. Mai, Kimberly - - USA

  185. Davila, Lisa www.gbk,com usa

  186. tumen, okan- turkey

  187. Best, Summer LILSUM48@gbk.COM usa

  188. Hardy, Janice USA

  189. Shea, Teresa- oconnellave@gbk .com- USA
     leading the angle choir in singing

  190. bots, brian- usa (usa)
     Im sorry i had never seen her when she was around but finally found a cd of hers i would only previously borrow from the library, for the first time buying it.  This cd was the colloboration between Quincy Jones and the songs that I find most of all were "The thrill is Gone' and "Ill close my Eyes".  Does anyone have any stories to those, ?

  191. Sparagna, June - - USA

  192. maier, andre- germany

  193. andrews, mark- USA
     i heard a recording of totie fields on public radio two weeks ago and loved it...(WABE in atlanta)... what i wondered are these recordings available to hear on the internet at all.... ???? i think it was a live recording of her in las vegas... thanks mark andrews

  194. Press, Phyllis- USA
     looking for a Totie Fields Song "I'am perfect in every way"   can you help me?

  195. Carter (Medlevine), Robin -

  196. Lofton, Doris- USA 
    RE: Sarah Vaughan  I am jealous of anyone who has had the opportunity to visit with her.  Once asked for her autograph at Birdland.  She was standing with George Treadwell and I was afraid to ask because I'd heard she did not respond well to fans.  However, she was very kind and signed a napkin.  It's still one of my fondest  memories.

  197. Bass, Davia - - USA

  198. Lofton, Doris- USA
     I enjoyed reading your comments on Sarah. I so terribly miss seeing her, though I have just about everything she recorded.  I am trying desparately to find video's featuring Sarah, without success. Have you any idea where I may find some, one, anything.  If you have any you can copy for me, I'd gladly play whatever you ask.  Pls respond.

  199. Loee, Leon - - FL 18596 USA

  200. BOVE, ANTHONY - ABOVE61@search.COM - USA

  201. Espinoza, Priscilla- United States
      Sarah Vaughan -  Hello, I will NEVER forget Sarah Vaughan! "Broken Hearted Melody" was one of the greatest songs of ALL TIME!
    God Bless this wonderful, talented, GREAT woman!

  202. pooja sharma india

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