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This site has Christmas Books and Children's Christmas stories, fun and entertainment with Trolls and Elves. Find Books and Christmas items here. Santa Claus says, "This site is dedicated to Christmas and those with that spirit of Good Will & Peace on Earth. A  spirit to be carried with us every day of our lives and to celebrate that day which will surely come through our individual efforts and thoughts." 

There are Trolls in the story of Cancel Christmas that inhabit the Giant Ice Caves, North of Santaland, beyond the North Pole. These Trolls are led by Bogwig, their evil king. There are different types of Trolls all over the earth.

I was talking to Chris Grisey, who directed the Huntingon Beach production of Cancel Christmas, and is once again planning a production for this year in Orange County. We were discussing the up coming production and got on the subject of Trolls. After our conversation, I realized that I knew very little about Trolls, so I did some research on them and came up with quite a variety. Below you will find some history and a few photos. If you wish to know more, WIKEPEDIA has some interesting data and some sites.


A troll is a member of a race of fearsome creatures from Norse mythology. Originally more or less the Nordic equivalents of giants, although often smaller in size, the different depictions have come to range from the fiendish giants - similar to the ogres of England (also called Trolls at times, see Troller's Gill) - to a devious, more human-like folk of the wilderness, living underground in hills, caves or mounds. In the Faroe islands, Orkney and Shetland tales, trolls are called trows, adopted from the Norse language when these islands were settled by Vikings.

The illustration is by John Bauer 1915.

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