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April 23, 2005 - Walt Disney

Picked up An American Original - Walt Disney, a biography written by Bob Thomas. I never heard much about Walt Disney, other than he created Mickey Mouse and many other cartoon characters, movies and Disneyland. While living in Hollywood I heard tales of his company and some of the things they had done to authors of original works. I guess that is why I had that dream about him.

After reading this wonderful book about him, I realize that if he had been alive, I would not have anything to fear about being ripped off. He was a wonderful man and if you want to be inspired, read his story. This man, and his brother Roy, performed miracles at a time when things were very difficult for the entire country. He was a caring man of integrity. It is a shame that people in his company didnít maintain that after he was gone. All of a sudden it was all about the bottom line. He wanted only films that were for the whole family.

Recently saw part of a movie on the Disney Channel that was an insult to the name of Walt Disney, to his dreams of good films or his integrity to the public. He would have turned over in his grave. What are they doing to his name?

Next, my agent called with the news that a new Disney contact was receiving my screenplay Cancel Christmas. This would be the third time. After a week my agent called to tell me that she was told that the Disney Company does not do Christmas films, because most of their business is out of the country, and many countries do not celebrate Christmas. Would Walt Disney refuse to give the American Public a film based on Santa Claus and Christmas because he couldn't make as much money as he could with one that appealed to other countries? I doubt it. That company doesn't deserve to use the name, Walt Disney. It is not a Walt Disney Company, it is a "bottom line" company. The American public should boycott their films, their products, etc. - they are not made for us anyway.

As much as I would love to have my film produced with a name like Walt Disney (the real Walt Disney) behind it, I am not disappointed that it wasn't accepted. I'm disappointed in the use of Walt's name and a company that represents the corporate world of America.

If you get an opportunity, read An American Original - Walt Disney, a biography written by Bob Thomas.


June 5, 2001 - Dream about Walt Disney
I am parked in Walt Disneyís driveway, opposite the side door to his house.  I am talking to his wife, while awaiting his return. We see his car pull into the driveway. Instead of driving up to the house, he pulls off of the drive way, gets out of his car and walks over to the gardenerís cottage. He enters the cottage, then reappears holding a rifle, which he points at me. I hold up my hand to signal that I am a friend;  he fires the rifle and the bullet hits my hand, making a hole with blood spewing out of it. I scream, "Wait a minute!"

 He continues to point the rifle in my direction. Not waiting for a second shot,  I immediately run around the car and leap through the hedges into the adjoining yard. As I am running down the drive way, I hear him laughing.

Not funny to me. Especially since my agent had just submitted my screenplay Cancel Christmas to Disney Studios. They lost the first script and my agent sent them a second one. Since then they returned one of the scripts. The other script is still floating around the Disney Studios. Hope this isn't what I feel it is.


JFK Signing 6 new (laws/amendments/?) I was sitting on his desk with a video camera and shot the whole thing. I woke feeling peaceful and accomplished.