Miss Universe 1960 an

Miss Universe 1960, and Miss Universe 1961, visiting Miami Beach.
Miss Universe
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Miss Universe(Miss USA)1960, and Miss Universe(MIss Germany) 1961, visited Miami Beach.
At that time, I was performing as an acrobatic diver and stand up comic.
 They were both lovely ladies and it was a pleasure being in their company.  


Linda Bement - 
    Miss Universe (Miss USA) 1960-61

Sam Younghans & Linda Bement

We made the papers.


Miss Universe 1960
Linda Bement of the USA was crowned as 1960's Most beautiful women in the Universe. She was the third Miss Universe from the USA.


Miss Universe 61
(Miss Germany)

Marlene Schmidt 

Marlene married Ty Hardin in 1962

This photo was taken
at the Rooney Plaza Hotel on Miami Beach.
I don't remember the artist's name.


Miss Universe (Miss Germany) Marlene Schmidt and Joe Mooney & his band at the lounge in the Rooney Plaza Hotel, Miami Beach.


Photo on left was shot when we were in the lounge at the Rooney Plaza Hotel, Miami Beach.

The musician at the organ is Joe Mooney. Joe was blind - he was a great person. Met him through the Vagabonds. Spent a lot of time with him. My greeting to him was, "Hi Oey!" he would always recognize my voice and say, "Hi Sammy." Marlene enjoyed listening to the music. 
        Duchess, my German Shepard, loved Joe. We always walked to the Rooney Plaza, which was across the street from my darkroom in the (?) hotel.  As soon as we were across the street, Duchess, who was never on a leash, would take off for the Hotel. The doorman opened the door and she would scoot to the lounge. As soon as that door was opened, she entered and went immediately to Joe, or Jerry Brandow, who also played there. By the time I arrived in the club, Duchess would be resting under the piano, some times with a bowl of water, or a bit of food from one of the waitresses.
Duchess was very popular.


Duchess, 6 years later, with my children Samantha and Torre

d Miss Universe 1961