Sir Lionel Beckels 
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I met Sir Lionel Beckels while he was working at the Carillon Hotel on Miami Beach. He would dance through a layer of smoke onto the stage. He was coated in a golden paint. He was amazing. He would dance on his toes (point) in his bare feet.

I was dating a dancer who was in the show; she introduced us. We became good friends. When I was in New York I would visit him at his home in Brooklyn. His Father was from Barbados in the Caribbean.

Lionel introduced me to Sarah Vaughan. Lionel was close friends with her. We used to go out to her home in New Jersey to visit her. When she was in Manhatten, we would join her on her excursions to the different clubs.

Sir Lionel Beckels
Photo by Isaac Sutton


Sarah and I became close friends. She and her husband would call me at my hotel when I was in town and invite me to go out with them. We would always go to Birdland and once we went to Carnegie Hall to see Ray Charles. After his show, we went backstage and talked with him.

There is a page were I tell some of our stories with her.  To Sarah Vaughan.


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