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I have been maintaining this site ever since I created it for the 2000 All Class reunion in 1999. I have enjoyed connecting to so many people from my home town, and seeing so many of you find old friends. I am sorry to say, I will no longer be able to maintain this Springdale Site after the 2013 All-Class Reunion. Then it will remain online as it is, until I pass on, then it will be shut down.

I have offered this "Springdale" site to the Springdale Alumni Association at no charge to them. There are fees for a hosting company, and registering a domain name, that is incured by anyone setting up a web site online. These are the necessary fees that all domain owners pay. 

The SAA does not have anyone to maintain or work on it. If there is a young, alumni, computer whiz who would like to take this over contact me.

I will continue to maintain the site until after the 2013 All-Class reunion - then I will cease maintaining it, and will accept offers for it. If someone makes me an offer for it's content. I will accept the highest offer. I never wanted to charge my fellow classmates any fees for running this site. But, there is potential for a good income from this site.

If you Google "Springdale pa hi" or anything similar you will see these pages coming up on the first page of the search engine, or first on the page. This is out of about 3,500,000 results. I can show you how to do that. Also, the Springdale pages get over 500 visits a week.

Welcome, Springdale. - The webmaster, Sam Younghans - Class of 1947

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Welcome to the Springdale Guest Book Pages. Your Webmaster has a request.  I'm looking for old photos (buildings, points of interest, postcards, etc.) of Springdale and surrounding areas for a memorabilia page. Your photos will have your name on them as the submitter.  I lived on Orchard Street and would really like a photo of that street. Click here for contact sheet. On the contact sheet where it says "Please Direct this message to..", select "I have photos for you" from the drop down window. I will email you directions on how to send your photos. Thank you. Sam 


11/03/2004 - Help!! - People are filling out the Contact form who did not go to Springdale High. They want me to respond in order to get my email address for spam. I no longer respond, but I will add the name to the list. If you see a name from your class year and you are sure they weren't in your class, please let me know. Send it through my contact sheet. Thank you, Sam 

Notice: If all capital letters are used, they are hard to read and take up too much space, and my time to convert them. I will not post them anymore. Also, I will post your email letter, as you have written it - I don't have the time to edit any mistakes in spelling or punctuation. If you want anything corrected, write it out and don't forget to tell me your guest book number.

5/8/2004  Notice: To all visitors of the Springdale Pages. I am changing the last part of your email address to stop spammers from getting your address.  It will end with or or but it wont be your provider's name. You can still click on it to send someone an email (Try yours to see.) I have a lot of email addresses to change so it will take a while but it will be done. All new address will be changed as they are posted. Hope you are still enjoying the site. Best Wishes to all. Sam Younghans
P.S. If you try to contact someone and the address is no longer valid, Please, let me know, so that I can put a notice on their name. Don't forget to include their guest book number. Thank you.





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Clyde McGeary

From: Clyde McGeary - Class of 1948 - Guest Book # 497 - Obviously the football player is you, "Fearless Sam." And, the young gal is Ethel Heakins.  She showed up at our 50th anniversary and she still looks good.
From Sam: She sure does!


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  1. Ficerai, Joe -  Wexford, Pa 15090
    Class of 1974
  2. Graham (Howard), Gerry - - Tarentum, pa. 15084
    Class of 1965 - Guest Book # 201
  3. Richards, Jason   Fayetteville, NC 28314
    Class of 1978
  4. Swearingen, Karen    Florida
    Class of 1972 - Hope to see alot of old friends..Class of 1972 and others! See you at the dinner on Sunday.
  5. pajerski, david (724) 938-7792 110 skyline drive California, pa 15419
    Class of 1956
  6. Watt, Eileen
  7. Dellana (Halasowski), Ruta Phoenix, AZ  85016, AZ 85016
    Class of 83
  8.  England, Shiela - Aspinwall, PA
    Class of 1964 Updated: 12/27/2002
     I am divorced and took back my maiden name.  New address is 119 Emerson Avenue, Aspinwall, PA 15215. I am working as a IT Consultant at Eckerd Health Services through Pyramid
    Group and I am looking for a full-time job.  Let me know if you hear of any in your area of the country.  I am willing to move.    Happy holidays to you.
     My education includes a B.S. in Applied Mathematics and M.S.I.S (Masters of Science in Information Science). Hope this covers it.  
  9. Garner, Stephen and Barbara Smajda Chesapeake City, MD
    Class of 57
  10. Malak, Roseanne   Montgomery Village, MD 20886
    Class of '93 - What ever happened to our  " '93 class reunion comittee"?
  11. Panza, Victor  Ramsey, NJ 07446
    Class of 1970
  12. Bruner, William "Bill"    Greenwood, Ms. 38930
    Class of 1960  -  I'm looking forward to attending.  First time back since early sixties!  Cook, Burpo, Shark, where are you?
  13. Detman, Dale  LaGrange, IL
    Class of 1973
  14. Pellish (Kerr), Terri
    Class of 1955
  15. New Address! Baksis, Peter - Fairbanks, Alaska
    Class of 1973
    Moved from Barrow to Fairbanks, better weather ?? Grew up in Cheswick. Didn't end up graduating from Springdale, but sure do think a lot about all of you! Time sure does change people, Would love to hear from some of you.
  16. Charles, Marie (Tootsie)  PA 15144
    Class of 1953 - I'm submitting this for my mom (Tootie Toth).  She's looking forward to seeing friends she
    hasn't seen since the last class reunion.  See you at the reunion!
  17. panza, david   hidden valley, pa. 15502
    Class of 65
  18. Moser (Johnston), Beth -  Springdale, PA 15144
    Class of 1973
    Class of 1957 -   Sure nice to find this WEB site. Brings back lots of old memories.  Have not had ANY contact with any school friends since I left PA in 1959
  20. Panza Emrick, Celeste   -  Hidden Valley, PA 15502
    Class of 1960 - My brother and I have enjoyed your Website on the all class reunion. We are impressed that someone has taken the time to use the last state of the art technology to do this who is originally from Springdale. My hat is off to you, - Celeste Emrick
  21. Ireland   (Barron), Donice -  Slidell, LA 70461
    Class of 1958 -  What a great idea.  Hoping to locate some long lost frriends from the 50's
  22. Shoop(Borland), Barbara/Keith  - Springdale, PA 15144
    Class of 1974
  23. Gracey, Keith   - Mineral, Va 23117
    Class of 69
  24. Moser, Susan (Flick) Flick, Susan - Tomah, WI
    Class of 1978 - Guest Book # 223
  25. Roofner, Buzz (Victor)   - Friendship, N.Y. 14739
    Class of 1959
  26. Yates, William M. West Barnstable, MA 02668
    Class of 1966 - After 27 years in USMC, I retired in Jan 1997.  Needed something to keep me busy, so I went back to school and started practicing law this past year.   Just finished building a new home on Cape Cod... my next project is to build an airplane.  Would love to hear from any SHS grads.  Best wishes to all!   Semper Fi.
  27. Richards, Virginia(Rae)   Shelby,  N.C. 28152
    Class of 43
  28. smith (szwarc), pat    new kensington, pa 15068
    Class of 61
  29. Lohman, Reatha (Ferguson, Sleppy)   Baden, PA 15005
    Class of 1953 Hi  I Finally found you on the web! I'm new to computers. My name is Reatha (Ferguson) Sleppy Lohman, class of 1953. I've been wanting to offer my assistance but it looks as though you don't need my are doing a great job! I was married to Howard Sleppy, class of "47 who died in 1983 and after nine years  of being a widow, married again in 1992.  I nearly fainted when I saw the picture of the class of "47. I have that picture also, but not all the names. I also have pictures of 1953 reunions-the last one was held in 1984. I will be glad to hear from you and will do what I can to help. I have two sisters in Springdale  and nieces and nephews everywhere and several of us hope to attend most of the activities for the reunion. Let me know what I can do to help. I'm in contact with the Sleppys---Bill in New Kensington and Joan (Sleppy) Salyers in Springdale. Congratulations...What a great idea. I hope it is a huge success.   Reatha
  30. Tressa (Drop), Dorothy   Cheswick, PA 15024
    Class of 1952 -   So glad to see so many familiar names!  Where are you 1952 grads?   Hope to see you at the BIG reunion!!
  31. Breth Osborne, Nancy   Lakeland, FL 33813
    Class of 1960 -  Great site! So sorry I can't be there. Have a wonderful time at the reunion. Sam: Thank you for all the hard work on the site. It is GREAT!! When I submitted my guestbook sign in I was sorry I did not mention how much I loved growing up in Springdale and that I really miss seeing everyone. Thanks for the chance to get back in touch with wonderful people. Class of 60. Nancy Breth Osborne
  32. Lawrence, Barbara L.  Sun City West, AZ.
    Class of 1958 - Hello to all of my classmates.  Please send any e-mail or postal addresses. Would like to contact everyone who responds.  Thanks for the great web site of our beloved town.
  33. Mavrinac  (Yerkins, Darlene   (Elizabeth)  Pittsburgh, Pa.
    Class of 1969 -      Not sure if we will be there or not yet!
  34. Hedenburg) Cristillo, Suzy Gibsonia, PA
    Class of 1967
  35. Hedenburg, Don  Vandergrift, PA
    Class of 70
  36. Lawrence  ( KASHA-married name), Helen Sun City West, AZ 85375
    sorry i am unable to attend the reunion, however, i have a previous commitment.   Looking forward to any email i receive from my class mates of 1948. Have a great time....Helen
  37. Biernesser, Stephen Alexandria, VA 22310
    Class of 80 -  I see some names I recognize on the list.  Looking forward to seeing you all at the reunion.  As of summer 2000, I'm in the Air Force, working at the Pentagon.  Married, with 2 sons, ages 9 and 11. Regards, Steve
  38. Goddard, Ginger ERROR - Email address is wrong.  Verona, PA
    Class of  ??
  39. Dickens(Borland), Patti -   Rices Landing, Pa
    Class of 1973
  40. Downs (Crytzer), Carol   Oakton, VA
    Class of 1956
    Class of 78
  42. Bujalski (formerly Pierce), Jacqueline Levittown, PA
    Class of 1980
  43. Emrick, Celeste Hidden Valley, PA
    Class of 1970
  44. Dugan-Kandziolka, Debbie   Cheswick, PA 15024 
  45. Class of 1979 - St. Alphonsus Church in Springdale, PA will kickoff its Centennial Year Celebration on Sunday, September 10, 2000, at 2:00 p.m. with the St. Alphonsus School Centennial Reunion.  There will be a mass at 2:00 p.m. and a reception immediately following in the school.  If you are a former student, teacher, Mother's Club Member or attended St. Alphonsus School for CCD you are invited. Should you have any questions, please contact Debbie Dugan-Kandziolka at or Father George Saladna at
    Class of 48 -  This is going to be fun !!!!   Also will be a family re-union. Looking forward to seeing Ann Bonaza Spinelli & Kathleen/Eileen Lochrane (????).  Actually, we are also looking forward to seeing the members of the Class of 1948 +      See you in July !!!!!
  47. Kobolka Farber, Karen   Earlysville, VA 22936-2437
    Class of 1967 -        Hello to all the 1967 grads.   I hope to see you at the reunion!  I'd love to hear from you:  Let me know if you are ever in the vicinity of the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, Virginia.  Karen A. Farber (formerly Kobolka)
  48. Reilly, Tom 973-838-7255 5 Pheasant Run Kinnelon, NJ
    Class of 62 -    Great Idea about the renunion.  I'm trying to find a way to get back there that weekend, but it dosen't look good.  Best of luck and an good time to all who make it back.
  49. Solomon, Jocelyn 130 Oakwood Dr. Stafford, Va.
    Class of 1967 -  Enjoyed the web site and it's great to see all the classmates
  50. Falso, Mary Youra  Goodyear, AZ
    Class of 1956
  51. Wood, Dennis New Kensington, PA
    Class of '59 - I wont be able to be at the reunion because we'll be vacationing in South Carolina that week. Sorry to miss it, sounds like it will be a great time for all!!!
  52. Noah, Gary
     Class of 1964 - The All class reunion sounds like a great idea. I haven't been to a reunion yet...hope I can make this one. If not, have a great time and the best to all of my old friends from the class of 1964 ! E-mail me and let me know how you are !
  53. Shook, Tom and Elizabeth(Noah) and  Butler, Pa.
    Class of Both class of 72
  54. Libroth, Sam and Dorothy(Mrakich)   Harwick, Pa
    Sam, Class of 51 -  Libroth(Mrakich), Dorothy, Class of 53
  55. Williams,[Burkett], Tina    Cheswick, Pa
    Class of 67
  56. Youra, Phillip  228-388-8330 1891 Popps Ferry Lot #3 Biloxi, Miss. 39532
    Class of 1949 -  Phil asked me to submit this for him since he does not have a computer. I'm his "baby" sister Mary. I graduated in '56. I just want to know WHERE ARE ALL THE 1956 ALUMNI ? Feel free to contact Phil If there anyone in his class who sees this. THANKS!
  57. Asmo (Pittman), Pat  Round Rock, Tx 78681
    Class of 1971 - I had a great time at Springdale High. I enjoyed all my teachers, and I have learned
    a great deal from each and everyone of them. It will be nice to see a lot of the students of my graduating class and those of other years as well. This will be something that will always be in my memory for now until the end. I wish you all good luck in the years to come. And always remember where you started from. Good old Springdale High.
  58. Kremer, Roger & Eileen(Miller) Harwick, PA 15049
    Roger class of 1954  & Eileen(Miller) class of 1955
  59. Scott, Bob    Bradenton, FL 34202-1606
    Class of 70 -  The Reunion is a great idea! I wish I had heard about it sooner and in more detail.  I still hope to attend even though it's a bit late. Best Wishes to all, espcially the Class of '70!  Thanks to all involved.
  60. Knox ( Logan), Lori   sarver, pa 16055
    Class of 1987
  61. Kocur, John   Arnold, MD
    Class of 1945 - Best wishes to the Class of l945.The Class with the friendliest members.
  62. Boulton (Murray) , Joan   Springdale, Pa
    Class of 1955
  63. SYLVESTER, VIVIAN (BIGLEY) Bradford Woods, PA 15015
    Class of 1961
  64. Yedlowski (Franczyk), Judy   Cranberry Twp, PA 16066
    Class of 1970 -  This is terrific; wish I knew about this sooner; hope I'm not too late!  Been waiting & waiting to see info for our 30th reunion!
  65. Winklmann - McCormick, Daniel & April Springdale, PA 15144
    Class of 1983
  66. colpo, ron . tenino, wa. 98589
    Class of 55
  67. Mikus, Michael-Mikie  Freeport, PA 16229
    Class of 1968  -    Married to Victoria Malarik-she would like to find the Rapagna's
    from Orchard Street. 
  68. Eyster, Sara (Ray) Pennsylvania Furnace, PA 16865
    Class of 1983
  69. Panza, Arthur Robert Haddenfield, NJ 08033
    Class of 1970
  70. Valicenti, Jim Tarentum, PA 15084
    Class of 1967
  71. Panza Auge, Joanne Springdale, PA 15144
    Class of 1965
  72. Sobotka, Anita Brackenridge, PA 15144
    Class of '82
  73. Deceased 6/13/03  Wickenhagen , Larry (Wick) Conway, SC 29527 
    Class of 60 - Hi y'all!!  Great site, thanks!
  74. Howells, Flossie (Welsh) Springdale, PA 15144
    Class of 53
  75. Cichoski, Greg Las Vegas, NV 89113
    Class of 65 -  All five Cichoski kids are coming home to Springdale for the reunion. We are looking forward to seeing all of our old friends.
  76. Battrell, Chadda Las Vegas, NV 89113
    Class of 1965
  77. Rowley (Cichoski), Donna   Las Vegas, NV 89130
    Class of  1970 - I left Springdale in June 1970 for a vacation to Las Vegas, NV. My family decided to stay in Las Vegas! I never made it to Springdale High School (I graduated from St. Alphonsus in 1970). However,I have kept in touch with friends over the years. My three brothers, George, Greg, and Regis will be attending the reunion. We are very excited.
  78. Cichoski, George Henderson, NV 89014
    Class of 57
  79. Wieszczynski, Edward  Pittsburgh, Pa 15239
    Class of 1971
  80. Bossola, Thomas   Jacksonville, FL.
    Class of '67
  81. Kalinosky, Derek Camp Pendleton, CA 92055
    Class of 1999 - Suprised to see a page on the web, still trying to get home for the 4th of july weekend
    Class of 1974
  83. Kratz, Larry  Rochester, MI 48307
    Class of 65
  84. Cecchetti, Claudia (Matisz  Apollo, PA 15613
    Class of 1975  -  Great idea - good luck to all organizers. Great to see old faces - Great hearing from all of you
  85. Zimmerman, Chuck Butler, PA 16002
    Class of 1971 - Thanks to all for all of your efforts. I am looking forward to seeing some old friends again at the reunion
    Class of 1985
    Class of 1985 - WOULD LOVE TO HEAR FROM YOU !!!!! 
  88. Dombroski (Farrar), Penny mj& Lower Burrell, PA  
     Class of l967
  89. Mauro (Mackos), Joanie Springdale, PA  
     Class of 1973
  90. Kun,, Jan Schnorr   Cheswick  (ACME), PA 15024
    Class of 1956 - Great job--I would have liked to help, but it was too difficult!  I lost Bob suddenly in Apr 99.  He also was a grad in 56.  All 4 of our kids are in the PGH area, Bob, Jo, and Joy,  75, and 76, and Lou, class of85.  My sister Marymarie Schnorr Allias, Class of 52 is in Denver.  Please keep in touch.
  91. Scott, Florence  NY
    Class of '72
  92. Mento Makowski, Millie New Kensington, PA 15068
    Class of 1948
  93. Wieszczynski, Edward   Pittsburgh, PA 15239
    Class of 1971 -  Grew up in Harwick.
  94. Moore - Grottenthaler, Janet   Butler, PA 16001
    Class of 1975 - It was a very good year!!!!
  95. Grottenthaler, Timothy   Butler, PA 16001
    Class of 1963 - Shoops, Eat n Park, and Rock n Roll
  96. Clark(Mento), Marie   Lower Burrell, Pa 15068
    Class of 1949
  97. Huss, Marion, Canonico Halifax, PA
    Class of 1967 - Have a safe and wonderful reunion.
  98. Gunia, Martha 724-352-8128 134 Marwood Road, Room 2147 Cabot, PA 16023
    Class of 35 - I am submitting this for my mom.  She no longer live in Springdale but wold ove to hear from old friends.  She enjoys sending and receiving e-mail.   Grace Gunia Abbs  SHS Class of '69
  99. Lubic (McCall), Lori Harwick, PA 15049
    Class of '89
  100. Contento, Jim Gibsonia, PA 15044
    Class of 73 -  Hey, if anyone runs into Gary Martin (last seen somewhere in Alabama), tell him to give me a call
  101. Jack, Marcy  Springdale, PA
    Class of 1979 -   Thanks to Frankie,Nutsy,and the committee for organizing this great event! You are truly Dynamos!! The  t-shirts are really cool! They were designed by Jackie Colwes Class of '69.
    Class of 1984
  103. Bastine, Betty  Springdale, PA 15144
    Class of 76 -   Hello to everybody from the class of 1976..
  104. acken, P. Gary leechburg, pa
    Class of 61
  105. Wagle, Pat (Marchek) Stow, OH
    Class of '60
  106. Wagle, Stan Stow, OH
    Class of '57
  107. wilson, bruce  cheswick, penna.
    Class of 1947
  108. Matisz, Diana Lower Burrell, PA
    Class of 1968
    Class of 1978
  110. Salyers (Gunia), Ellen Monmouth Junction, NJ 08852
    Class of 1972 -  Sorry I didn't know about the reunion!  I would like to hear from old friends.  I work in NYC and do not get back to Springdale that much anymore
  111. Keller, Kevin New Kensington (Plum), Pa
    Class of 1971 - Sorry I missed the reunion due to family committments. Looking forward to 30th reunion next year.
  112. Wagle, Pat (Marchek) Stow, OH
    Class of '60
  113. Wagle, Stan Stow, OH 44224
    Class of '57
  114. STEVENSON (FRY), SHERRY Cheswick, PA
    Class of 1973
  115. Stevenson (Renaldi), Anna  Roswell, GA
    Class of 1970
  116. Renaldi, Pat   Roswell, GA 30075
    Class of 1967 - Left Springdale High in 64 to attend Connelley Technical.
  117. Clark(Mento), Marie Lower Burrell, Pa
    Class of 1949
  118. Elliott (Logan), Denise Sarver, PA
    Class of 1975
  119. Valicenti, Geno Grant, FL
    Class of 1972
  120. colpo, james Murrysville, Pa 15668
    Class of 1958
  121. Cimino (Hawk), Pam Arnold, Pa
    Class of 1971
  122. Kelly, Mark St. Robert, MO
    Class of 1971 - great website and thank you
  123. Caleta (Hubbard), (Linda) Lynn  Bakersfield, CA
    Class of 1961 - 
  124. Basilone, Tim Springdale, PA
    Class of 1977 -    
  125. Cook (Mechling), Jim Fairbanks, Ak
    Class of '85 - Hello fellow Springdalians....Drop me a line
  126. Berry, Linda      (Clark) Industry, Pa
    Class of 1982
  127. Hutzler Venatta, Susan - Natrona Heights, PA
    Class of 1981 - Guest Book # 326
           CLASS OF 81....25 years next year....anybody interested in a reunion?  Let's start planning!
  128. Janssen (Detman), Saundra    Sharon, CT
    Class of 1962  -   Love the web site-but names from the class of '62 seem to be very few-where are you?
  129. Fleischer (Lerch), Gloria Cathedral City, CA
    Class of 1950
  130. Ducote (Anderson), Becky Panama City Beach, FL
    Class of 1978 -  left Springdale in 1981.  Don't come home much.  Would like to hear from those of you I used to know.   Just wanted to update my email address. I visited Springdale in 2001. Saw a lot of people at the carnie. If you want to see people that's where to go. Hello to all.
  131. Dorinsky, Steve Arnold, PA
    Class of 1969 - Go Cudzik! 
  132. Litterini, Bernie Leechburg, PA
    Class of 1969
  133. Misutka III, Joe  - Warren, OH
    Class of 1969
  134. tassotti, frank - erie, pa
    Class of 1966
  135. Devlin (Purvis), Jeanne Snellville, GA
    Class of 1970
  136. Devlin, Michael Snellville, GA
    Class of 1969
  137. Saula-Kuchinick, Michaele  (Mich)  Harwick, Pa.
    Class of l972 
  138. grottenthaler, robert - springdale, pa 
    Class of 1967
  139. Gates   (Walters), Becky
  140. (hawkins)Mcneal, charmaine new kensington, pa 
    Class of 1983
  141. Hutzler , Ray - Springdale, PA
    Class of 1951 - Guest Book # 340
       new e-mail submitting this for my father...if anyone wishes to contact him vis this address I will surely pass the message along.    
  142. Matisz, Diana  Lower Burrell, PA 
    Class of 1968
  143. Anderson, Deborah  Tularosa, NM 
    Class of 1967 - Would like to hear from any of my SHS friends.
  144. Lydick, Tom   Maple Shade, N.J. 08052
    Class of 1954 -  What a great site. Sorry I did not hear about 2000 re-union. Definately will not miss next. Hi to all that know me and get in touch if you please.
  145. Felock, Tom - Salisbury, NC
    Class of 1967 - Guest Book # 344
           Can't believe it...I'm actually a school principal...
  146. Flynn, Al Pittsburgh, PA 15204
    Class of 92 - This is a decent site and interesting to see other people like myself who have graduated from SHS.  I played football and ran track on the Riverview-Springdale track team.  I spent 4 yrs in the Army (mostly overseas). Now I am a LAN Technician in downtown PittsburgWessel (Aycock), Karen Springdale, Pa
    Class of 1981
  147. Cichoski, Regis Las Vegas, NV 
    Class of 69 -  So glad I graduated from S.H.S because there are some of the finest people on this earth from that town
  148. Spinabelli(Cavaliere), Mary Venetia, PA 
    Class of 1974
  149. Olearchick (Gulski), Fran  Charleston, SC 
    Class of 1972 -  I am sorry I missed all of the reunion last summer.  Just heard of it today!  Found this site through someone's message on  Would love to hear from any fellow classmates.
  150. Crissman, Joseph
    U. S. Army Garrison Fort Belvoir, Va 22060
    Class of 1984 - I hope everybody had fun at the reunion I was on Vacation in the Outer Banks of NC.
  151. Moore, Lois - Tarrs, PA
    Class of 1955
  152. Walker, Karen Midway Park, NC
    Class of 76 -  Hello Everybody 
  153. Ross, Heather Springdale, AR
    Class of 1992 - I teach at Siloam Springs High School. I am married and have an eight year old step-son.
  154. Jewart(Prelesnik), Thelma Cheswick, Pa 15024
    Class of 1953 - Thanks to all involved in creating & maintaining the great Springdale sites.
  155. Wright, Toni
    Class of 1961 - I never knew about the reunion. Please notify me about the next one. Thanks, Toni  -
    This is Toni Wright again. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU  for creating and maintaining  this site!!!! I found friends of mine that I hadn't talked to in almost 40 YEARS.  God bless you!
  156. Battrell, Boyd Las Vegas, NV 
    Class of 1968
  157. Cain, Edward Ambridge, PA. 
    Class of 53
  158. Esposito, Chris Jupiter, FL
    Class of 1976
  159. Guerrero, Steve Wichita, KS
    Class of 1884
  160. HOWELLS, LARRY - Apollo, PA
    Class of 1973
  161. Weseleskey, Allen (Wes) - Virginia Beach, VA
    Class of '53
  162. Hovet (Lydic), Beth -wautoma, wi 54982
    Class of 1980 - thank you to all who add to this web site for those of us to see who no longer live in the area.
  163. Colpo, John 
    Class of 1953
  164. Popynia, John Cheswick, Pa
    Class of 1993 -   Love this town, never want to move, coaching the youth in football!
  165. Winstel (Addison), Marcia Gilbert, Az. 85233
    Class of 1961
    I have lived in Az. for 37 years. I have two boys and two grandsons living here.  I am married and am working at Motorola. I have not been back to Pa. for about 10 years. Most of my family lives here except my sister Patti who lives in Ohio and graduated from Springdale High in 59'    
  166. Fox, Mike Spring Hill, FL
    Class of 78 -  I'd love to hear from anyone from the great class of 78.
  167. Cox-Walters, Judi Springdale, Penna. 
    Class of 1968
  168. David E. Polosky, phone:  602-788-1496 e-mail:
    Class of ?? -   We've been in Arizona for 13 years after stays in Michigan, Baltimore, and Atlanta.
  169. Jenkins, Ed - South Fork, Pa
    Class of 1961 -  I just spent the last hour reading down through your guest list.  What a wonderful treat.  I have fond memories of Cheswick and Springdale that will remain with me always.  Thank you for this site, I will visit often.
  170. Brant, Andy - Perryville, MD
    Class of '80
  171. Cudzik, Joe - - Pittsburgh, PA
    Class of 1975
  172. scott, robert Six Mile, S.C.
    Class of 1969
  173. Ron and Marsha (Kolesar) Frank Sewickley, PA 
    Class of 1965 - Please post this on the Springdale website - we'd like to hear from old friends.
  174. Gracey, Keith - Mineral, VA
    Class of "69"
    Just thought I would say hi and change my address at the same time. Things are still all good here, that is since I can't be there in the valley where I grew up. Did I say grew up, well everyone makes some mistakes. Keep up the good work on the website it rocks. Can't wait for the next gathering. Mike W. I'll be in the area soon and when I'm there I will hook up with you for my pictures and dues and all. Till the next time Be Cool!!!!
  175. Gaydos, Laura - Harwick, PA
    Class of 1977
  176. Clites, Calvin VERONA, PA 
    Class of 1965
  177. DeMao, Walt (Den)  Natrona Heights, PA
    Class of 1966 -      Great site!!!
  178. panza, david - hidden valley, pa. 
    Class of 65
  179. Jenkins, Mark Lusby, Maryland
    Class of 1985 - Drop me a line sometime!!!
  180. Donna Falconer Mattys 
    class of "53"
  181. Charlie  Been, Butler, pa.
  182. Pastierik, Paul, Plum Boro,  Pa
    Class of Class of 58
     What a great idea - even living here as I do the memories never grow old.
  183. NEW:   Hughes/Ryan, Kathy - Rancho Cucamonga, CA
    Class of 1971
     Would be great to hear from any classmates.

  184. Mickelic, Rick - Freeport , pa
    Class of 1976
     Who ever thought of this, did a hell of a job, Hope to hear from some of you.

  185. Cady, Michael - carson city, NV.
    Class of 77
     Hi, to all my classmates. going through the internet and just punched in Springdale High, class of 77 and up comes the reunion pictures.  Would love to say Hi to you all. If someone could get back with me on when the next reunion is I'd appreciatte it. Michael C. Cady Sr. AKA Bubbles.

  186. Jenkins, Ed  - South Fork, Pa.
    Class of 1961
    I just spent the last hour reading down through your guest list. What a wonderful treat. I have fond memories of Cheswick and Springdale that will remain with me always. Thank you for this site, I will visit often

  187. Been, Howard (kidney, green string coffee) - Butler, Pa.
    Class of 60
           It was fun reading your guestbook, like the site. email me anytime would like to hear from some old friends

  188. Kratzer (now Vokes), Donna - Springdale, PA
    Class of 1971
    I'm putting this in for my mom. If you want you can email me at the above address and I'll give her the message.

  189. Hall, John  - Leechburg, PA
    Class of 1959

  190. Olbeter (Zufelt), Tina - , Colorado
    Class of 73
     What a wonderful site. I love reading all of the messages. Found a few whom were classmates of mine. Makes one feel young again.

  191. McGeary, Greg or Mount Pleasant, Pa
    Class of 1966

  192. matt, joseph - owego, ny
    Class of 84
      Hi! guys. Is there going to be a 20 year reunion?

  193. Frank L, McGeary - Melbourne, Florida
    Class of 1945
     Looking to hear from all  classmates from the  "Greatest Generation"!

  194. Matt, Jonathan - Cincinnatti, OH
    Class of '92
     Hi, Peaches here. Class of '92. Cool website, my brother, told me about the website, (he's also in the guest book. Class of '84). Just got out of the army, spent almost 10 years befor moving to Cin. Ohio in Sept 2001. Any one that remembers me, write!         C-ya.

  195. Marks, Dona 
    Class of 1973

  196. Boyer, Doug - Parma, Ohio
    Class of 1973
           Would love to hear from any SHS grads !!

  197. McGeary, Kevin - Philadelphia, Pa
    Class of 1970?
     I graduated from Lower Burrell High school but fondly remember everyone at Springdale before I abandoned ship! Would be great to hear from old friends. Kev

  198. McGeary, Clyde M. - Camp Hill, Pa
    Class of 1948

  199. Moore, Lois - Tarrs, PA
    Class of 1955

    Class of 1946

    ATTENTION: If you have any changes or correction to your  name on this list, please include the number in front of your name. It will save me a lot of time. Thank you.  EX: Gerry Graham #201

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