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There are no fees, or need for registration, on this site - this is for my classmates.

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But first, Read below, about your 1945 undefeatd team and your 1946 WPIAL "Power City" Champions

WPIAL Chammpions
Undefeated in 1945 and WPIAL Champions in 1946

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I have been maintaining this site ever since I created it for the 2000 All Class reunion in 1999. I have enjoyed connecting to so many people from my home town, and seeing so many of you find old friends.

I have offered this "Springdale" site to the Springdale Alumni Association at no charge to them. There are fees for a hosting company, and registering a domain name, that is incured by anyone setting up a web site online. These are the necessary fees that all domain owners pay. 

The SAA does not have anyone to maintain or work on it. If there is a young, alumni, computer whiz who would like to take this over contact me.

I will continue to maintain the site, however I will accept offers for it. If someone makes me an offer for it's content. I will accept the highest offer. I never wanted to charge my fellow classmates any fees for running this site. But, there is potential for a good income from this site.

Someone has set up an alumni site that is not connected to the alumni association - they require a registration in order to get your email address for spamms and ads.

If you Google "Springdale pa hi" or anything similar you will see these pages coming up on the first page of the search engine, or first on the page. This is out of about 3,500,000 results. I can show you how to do that. Also, the Springdale pages get over 500 visits a week.

Welcome, Springdale. - The webmaster, Sam Younghans - Class of 1947

See my Youtube channel to see videos I have posted. Click here for access.

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My Deepest Regards,
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Springdale, PA high school classes guest books. This site is dedicated to the people of Springdale and surrounding areas. This is for those people who want to post memories (printed or photos) of the town and it's people. I lived in Springdale from 1942 through 1952. I graduated from Springdale High in 1947 and will never forget those wonderful times. I will post some photos that I have, but this is for you, so don't hesitate to write me.

Sam Younghans
Parsec Santa
1650 Sunset St.
Ashland, OR 97520


I will post any written comments that you would like to submit. If you have photos, let me know and I will send you an email address. I prefer JPG files, however if there is no scanner available, send them by post with a self addressed stamped envelope and I will scan them, then return them to you. 
Welcome, Springdale. - The webmaster, Sam Younghans - Class of 1947

See my Youtube channel to see videos I have posted. Click here for access.

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