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To Sam's recent blogs I am rearrangeing my stories and blogs so they are more accesable.

A letter to the Glendal News-Press about Dan Kimber.

This column/blog is written because of my desire to share my thoughts and experiences with my children, grand-children, and anyone who might find it informative, interesting, or plain silly. They are my thoughts and actions, as well as thoughts and actions of others.

If you are reading this, then you are probably on my web site. I started this web site in 1996 to promote a book Cancel Christmas, that was first a play, then a book and finally an animated screenplay. As time passed I began adding other topics until now it is quite large for a little home computer. I have added sites of people I know, historic items, etc. One of the sites, within my site, is about Monti Rock III (you can find out about him on his site). Besides being a performer he writes a column in Las Vegas, He sends me a copy and I post it on his web pages. Reading his column motivated me to write my column. Thank you Monti.
Sam Younghans

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November 22, 2009


I don't remember when I was taught about "them" and "us." Do you remember when you were taught there were differences, and that there were "them" and "us?" I am sure, that at the time of our birth there was only "us" or probably just "me"/ "you". How did that change come about? How were we programmed to the point of hating "them?"

We all started out in this world as "humans;" well defined in the Wikipedia dictionary. With that definition, we should be completely at peace with everyone, we should be happy and secure. We should be really equal, caring, and sharing people. Something went wrong. Many of us on this planet are fearful, selfish, hateful, and deceiving people, only interested in ourselves at any cost. For those who would say, "Not all of us." If you noticed, I said many, not all. I will be generalizing with the realization that are exceptions to everything. Of course there are many differences and exceptions. The one thing that you can't say, "Not all of us." about is that we were all born humans with no knowledge of "them or "us."

I don't know what or when we started out in the universe. My personal feeling is that we all started out as some sort of energy at the same time somewhere in the universe. I have no proof of that, as we have no proof of the many things we are taught to believe as the truth. The reason I feel, as I do, about our beginning has to do with my early childhood. I can't recall exactly when it happened, but it began with a mirror. At some point in my early childhood, I looked into a mirror and saw, or felt, a wonderment that I tried to understand.

I knew I was seeing a body in the mirror, and I knew it was my body; I felt as if I was inside this body, looking out, which I was. I felt as if I could move around inside this body, and that this body was only carrying me around. I felt that no matter what happened to my body, I would be alright, that the "me" inside of that body was not the "me" in the mirror and the "inside me" could not be touched or harmed. I had this experience many times as a child growing up on this planet. At those times I felt that I could do anything, using my body, and that I would not feel it or get hurt.

Those times usually brought about some sort of pain or problem. I found that what I thought, and did, affected the inside me, as well as the outside me. I realized that I was not just riding in this body, but that I was connected to it. But, then the question arose: If I am in this body, and I know it is me, why am I not in another body? I wondered if I could be in another body. Why me? Why did I know me and know that I am in this body. Often, when I am looking in the mirror, I go inside me and see me looking out. Now, as I grow older and my body has changed, I still feel, and think the same way as I did when I was growing up. I can't do double somersaults off of a ten meter diving board anymore. My mind can see me doing it, but my mind also tells me that I am not physically in shape to do it. When I was 79 I tried a somersault off of a one meter board; I did it, but I knew it was time to quit.

So with those thoughts throughout my life and with all of the books I have read on this subject, I arrived at my own beliefs and feeling about life and this planet we live on. I believe we are all part of the cosmos and that we are all connected. I believe that the me inside this body is eternal, and will continue to exist after the body wears out. I believe this life is another learning experience for me. Because I feel we are all connected, I don't have hatred or the feeling of "them" or "us." I not only feel, but know, "love is the strongest and greatest feeling the body can have." When I realized this my life changed. It was a gradual change that started twenty years or so; probably earlier, I just wasn't aware of it. Looking back, I can see that it was happening a lot earlier.

I have had ups and downs, but now my life is full of love.

So, with love, I want to talk about "them" and "us." It doesn't have to be that way. We have been programmed, and have accepted that way of life out of fear and insecurity. If someone is taller than you, that doesn't make you any less of a person; or visa versa. As with all things, including race, color, sex, culture, political or religious beliefs, we are still all humans first. It is when we put other ideas ahead of that concept that we fail as human beings. Do we need to negate something we know is really alright because it was done by "them" and not by "us?"

Our political government is being ruled by those principals along with religious beliefs that are splitting this country into a pool of fear, hate and greed. If this planet is to survive, we must lay aside the "them" and "us" creeds and start putting "all of us" as humans with love first. It may not be that easy to do, but with a little practice, you might be surprised.

DEFINITION OF HUMAN: Humans are bipedal primates belonging to the species Homo sapiens (Latin: "wise man" or "knowing man") in Hominidae, the great ape family. They are the only surviving member of the genus Homo. Humans have a highly developed brain, capable of abstract reasoning, language, introspection, and problem solving. This mental capability, combined with an erect body carriage that frees the arms for manipulating objects, has allowed humans to make far greater use of tools than any other species. Mitochondrial DNA and fossil evidence indicates that modern humans originated in Africa about 200,000 years ago. Humans now inhabit every continent and low Earth orbit, with a total population of 6.8 billion as of November 2009.

Like most higher primates, humans are social by nature. However, humans are uniquely adept at utilizing systems of communication for self-expression, the exchange of ideas, and organization. Humans create complex social structures composed of many cooperating and competing groups, from families to nations. Social interactions between humans have established an extremely wide variety of values, social norms, and rituals, which together form the basis of human society. Humans have a marked appreciation for beauty and aesthetics which, combined with the human desire for self-expression, has led to cultural innovations such as art, literature and music.

Humans are noted for their desire to understand and influence their environment, seeking to explain and manipulate natural phenomena through science, philosophy, mythology and religion. This natural curiosity has led to the development of advanced tools and skills, which are passed down culturally; humans are the only extant species known to build fires, cook their food, clothe themselves, and use numerous other technologies.

Sam Younghans

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How does fear live in our daily lives? For most it starts the moment we start the day. Ask yourself, “What is the first thing we do as we prepare for the day. Many will go to the bathroom and read the morning paper. Others will turn on the coffee and then turn on the morning news. Be it radio or television, we get the same input. Do we really need that input to start or finish a day? I don’t think so.

Fear rules the world. "There is nothing to fear, but fear itself.” How many times have we heard this statement?  I doubt if there is anyone who has not heard this, but how many have really heeded the message? We not only live in fear, we promote it. If you don’t already know this, then it is time you did.

Let’s start with an example. The news tells us a country in the Far East is having a revolution. If you know past history of those countries and our government involvement in them, you know that most of the government employees do not speak the language of the country they are in, and they accept any information given to them as the truth. Most of the interpreters of these countries are from that country and controlled by that government. So our officials only hear what those governments want us to hear. In the past, most of it was false in order to receive large financial aid. (Read “A Nation of Sheep” by William J. Lederer.)

So, we know they are having a revolution, but we don’t really know why, or even if there is a revolution. Are people in this country in danger from the revolutionist? Here is a little fear to start the day. Let’s go on. Now the news tells us more about the economy of our country. Here is more fear. Then we hear that terrorist are killing our troops with car bombs, and that the makings for a car bomb were found in a garage in a suburban town in our city. Do we want to get into our car before we look underneath for a possible bomb, and do we hold our breath as we turn the key? Do we need that fear in our lives? The next question is, “What can we do about those situations?” The answer is nothing. We don’t have time, we have to get ready for work.

Along with the fear from the news, let us not forget the fear injected into us from the commercials. Oh yes! “Ask your doctor!” How many commercials a day do you watch, where you are told to ask your doctor? How many of those commercials show you sickness and symptoms you never heard of before? Plus, how many people begin having those symptoms, just because of the suggestions? The pharmaceutical companies are only a half step below the government in subliminal suggestions for fear of all sorts.

Do you hear the buzzing on your radio or TV with the information that this is only a test signal and that you will hear this when there is an emergency. You were happy your grandchildren were coming to visit you today, but all of a sudden you fear for their lives. What if there is an emergency? If there is an emergency, are you going to turn on your radio or television and sit and wait for an announcement, or are you going to do something about it? If you are living in fear, you don’t notice all of the liberties that are being pulled out from under your feet. Fear is used to take our eyes off of the truth of the matter. You don’t have to believe me, but do look around.

9/11 is a good example of using fear to control us. Yes, it happened, but did we have to send our children off to a foreign, hostile country to be killed because of a few fanatics?  And, why was the country hostile? Was it because our politicians and oil companies were exploiting that country? If we weren’t there, in the first place, the 9/11 disaster probably would not have happened. Think about the buildings that were attacked. The Pentagon and the World Trade Center.

How many of the top business people were in the building when the attack came? I rarely heard any comments that addressed it from that point of view. It was considered un-patriotic to make any negative statements about the Bush (both father and son) administrations. (It is not like that with the Obama administration. Those same people who were “patriotic” then are the loudest now.) I know in what countries our troops are being killed, but I don’t know what country we declared war on. Did we declare war on an ideal?

If you watched Bush walk through the rubble of the Twin Towers, you could almost read his mind. I’m sure it was hard for him to keep from rubbing his hands together as he thought, “Oh boy, I will have a war during my administration, and get more oil control for my family.” I knew when I saw him, stop and stare, that war was inevitable. I said it out loud, but no one heard. Also, a person, who was part of the CIA at one time, and quit because of his integrity, told me, that if Bush became president, he would cause a war. This was years before Bush announced his candidacy for president. A prophecy come true. I rate the fear created by the government as number one in fear-mongering.

Fear is stressful; stress is bad for the heart as well as the rest of your body. How do you control fear or stress? I have my way, which I have been practicing for many years. It works pretty well – I made it this far and I am a happy, eighty years old man. One of the first things I noticed in my early years was the fact that I enjoy being helpful. Because I get enjoyment from helping, I consider it a selfish act. I like being selfish. There is a saying that, “Before you can truly love anyone, you must love yourself.”

With that said, when I hear these terrible news stories and there is nothing I can do to help, it is very frustrating. I decided that if I didn’t hear these stories I wouldn’t get frustrated or stressed. That was the point when I stopped listening to the news on the radio or television, and I stopped reading the news in the papers. Yes I wasn’t informed, or misinformed, but I also wasn’t stressed, which was more important to me.

Occasionally I check the news; usually when there has been an earthquake, hurricane, or other disaster, like oil spills. I do that because I care, not because I want to be informed. I can usually tell in a conversation how news oriented the person is in regards to being “informed.” It is sad to see people so caught up in the news to a point to where their lives are almost immersed in total fear. I don’t enjoy being around those people.

Another good remedy for those fear mongers is the “mute” button on your remote. If you don’t have a “mute” button, I recommend getting one. You can tune out most of the commercials. It will also make you aware of just how much time is devoted to commercials in a program. I watch mostly movies, so it is usually 4-5 minutes of commercials to 7-10 minutes of the movie. You are paying your provider to watch commercials he gets paid for. He’s got you coming and going. I rent DVDs from the library and then I can take a commercial break when I want one.

What does fear accomplish? Once again, it causes stress; then you get sick, and you buy the medications they want you to buy. You purchase many things you don’t really need. You have restless nights and bad dreams. “I must ask my doctor.” As with any professions there are those doctors who care, but a pill pusher only knows what the pharmaceutical companies tell him. The government is not blind, but they allow this manipulation of the people, while outlawing other things that help people. Why? Could it be because it does not profit the pharmaceutical companies?

Fear also breeds hate. When you fear something or some body you soon hate them. An instruction book on how to start a war states: In order to have the people on your side when you start a war, you must first have them hate and fear those countries or people that you wish to conquer. Hitler was a past master at that. He influenced, not only his nation, but, others, around the world, including some of the government people in this country. All based on propaganda filled with lies.

The Japanese had their people so convinced of the brutality of our soldiers that on one island hundreds of men, women and children jumped off of cliffs, rather than be a prisoner of the cruel Americans. Are we, or really any other race, so cruel without the propaganda and the “wars to save us?” Thousands of people from different countries all joined together to root for their favorite soccer team at the World Cup without incident. That was a beautiful experience. An example for the world.

How do you get young people to kill their peers in other countries? Countries have even accomplished this feat within their own countries. – The United States did it in the Civil War, and also during industrial strikes - coal miners and factory workers were killed by the militia in the 30’s. Religious wars are idiotic. Just because one country believes in a different god or way of life doesn’t mean we should kill them or that they are a threat to our existence.

Do you want to have more land or more power for your country? Of course not! Why would you? You as an individual would not gain anything from such a take over. But then, you don’t own a big company that could build factories and hire cheap labor. For this we send our children off to fight and be maimed and killed so that a few can have private golf courses and retreats? The funny thing is, that many people are programmed to believe in them even after they are caught or exposed. We are definitely a nation of sheep. 

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September 16, 2011


This morning I read your little article regarding Dan Kimber. Dan kimber was one of my favorite writers. He wrote the truth, as close as you can get to it. In March of 2010 he wrote an article about Texas that was brilliant. I was surprised and proud of you for printing it. That would never happen in Texas. I posted it on my site at : DAN KIMBER

You state that you are letting him go because he duplicated a syndicated column. I still have Dan's column and I found Sam Pizzigati's column online. Here is a link to that column. If you read it you will see that Pizzigati was not the originator of that quote, it was from another source. This is from Pizzagati's column: (The Booz analysts offer an example of the "significantly overpaid" worker they have in mind. They call him Joe the Machinist, "a stellar employee who knows the ins and outs of the organization, the result of his many years on the job.")

So, Dan wasn't duplicating, he was refrencing. I don't beleive it is necessary to refrence a refrence. However Dan, as was Sam, were ridiculing the greedy corporations. That was Dan's mistake. I believe that the powers of govenrment, which includes the Boozers, forced the paper to let Dan go. He writes to close to the truth, and that is the last thing they want out about themselves, is the truth. I think it is a great loss to your paper, and I would like to believe that powers, higher up than the Gelndale News-Press forced you to let him go.

I doubt if this will see print, I wanted you to know that we are not all stupid.

July 18, 2011


I, intentionally, go out into the world with good thoughts and love. I have been very critical of the actions that happen in front of me when I go out amongst the people of this planet, and it is disturbing; so I decided to end that frustration by trying to see only the good out there. Believe me it is not easy.
            Lately, I almost dread going out among the people. For example: today I got in my car to make a short run to the post office; about ten or twelve blocks from my home. Many times I walk there for the exercise and to save gasoline. As I am driving down the street towards the intersection, I see flashing red lights, and the traffic was lined up waiting to pass.

I decided to turn at the intersection ahead of me. I pulled into the right lane and slowly proceeded toward the intersection. On past the intersection, ahead, there were two lines of cars. I pulled into the right lane and slowly proceeded - ahead of me, past the intersection, there was a line of cars. A car coming from the other direction was trying to squeeze through the left lane, in order to make a left turn into the intersection that I was entering. There was a space for him because of a considerate driver, a “good” thing.  I was also going to be considerate, and let the driver get through before I made my turn.

All of a sudden I heard this loud honking behind me. Now, if I continued on past the intersection that I intended to turn at, I would be in that line again. There was also a line of cars that had collected on the street where I intended to turn. Many drivers were doing the same thing I choose to do, which was make that right turn, driving north, to get away from the traffic jam. I could have moved ahead three or four feet and then would be up against the car in front of me. Why was the horn honking? I turned to see a middle aged woman at the wheel, who was busy chattering to her friend in the car. My first encounter with stupidity and I hoped my last.

Finally traffic moved. I drove north, up a very long block to make a left turn going west to an intersection with a stoplight, where I could make another left, going south, and then a right, going west, onto the street that I had been on before the traffic jam. I was a long block up from the flashing red lights. Seems there was a fire, or some emergency, in the corner building. So the traffic going north on that street was slowed down. However the two right lanes, running south, were free, that is, almost free. Here comes stupidity number two.

Opposite the building, and the fire trucks, in the right lane, sat a red van with flashing red lights, blocking that lane of traffic. When I got alongside of the van, I saw two men in suits, sitting in the van, talking. They were observing the trucks across the street and blocking traffic going south. No consideration for traffic or the jam they were causing. I’m sure these two gentlemen, if confronted, would be able to concoct a story that would account for their being there instead of parking out of traffic and walking to the site; like across the street, by the other fire trucks. And everyone would accept it; everyone but me. This is stupidity number two.

I drove a half a block to the post office, parked, went inside and mailed my package. Now here is a big one. This one has to do with the post office, gas stations, and the government. This all went through my head as I stood in line, waiting, while a clerk, with a heavy accent, explained complicated mailing instructions to some one who didn’t understand too much English, and certainly did not speak the same the language as the postal clerk spoke.

First I want to tell you; I grew up near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. (Actually, the city of New Kensington, 17 miles up the Allegheny River from Pittsburgh). It was at a time when Pittsburgh was called the melting pot of the nation. Pittsburgh saw a huge influx of immigrants in the 19th and 20th centuries, largely from countries in Eastern Europe. These people were often of the working-class and took on jobs as coal miners and steel workers in the area of western Pennsylvania. And these men and women were often quite poor; their limited education prohibited them from learning the language of the older, more established Americans already here.

From such countries as Poland, Serbia, Italy, and Russia, they formed their own largely isolated communities in the area, speaking their native language in daily life and passing that language down to their children. With an already-substantial Scotch-Irish/German population, the result was to make Pittsburgh the melting pot of melting pots, and a pure molestation of the English language.

Here's a handy guide, I found online, for speaking, or maybe just interpreting, the language of a yinzer. First and foremost, when addressing a group of people, always use the term "yinz". (ex: "Yinz guyz goin' to da Stillers game?")  (I spell it youinz)
    Never pronounce the "th" at the beginning of words such as "the", "that", and "there".
    Drop the "to be" in most phrases where it would be appropriate. (ex's: "Da grass needs cut." or "I need drunk.")
    Words like "out" and "downtown" ?re pronounced with a short "Aaah" sound.
    Words like "dollar" and "flower" are pronounced with a long "Aaah" sound.
    Add the word "down" to all directions, despite geographic relation. (ex: "You needa ga dahn to Sliberty n' keep goin' up.")
    Add the contraction "n'at" at the end of all lists. (ex: "I'm goin' to da store to git pop and chips n'at.")
    Heavily and ridiculously emphasize syllables in unusual places. (ex's: "Andrew Car-NEG-ie lived 'here." or "She lives in LA-trobe.")
    The phrase "Kennywood's open" is a friendly warning to zip up your fly.
    "Red up" means to clean up. (ex: "Red up dis room n'at.")
    It's also a sweeper, not a vacuum. Tennis shoes, not sneakers. Crick, not creek. Pop, not soda. Cellar, not basement. Hoagie, not sub. Guchies, not underwear. Buggy, not shopping cart. Still, not steel. Gumband, not rubber band. Jaggerbush, not thornbush. Worsh, not wash... etc.

On with the story:
So, with all of this under my belt, and my travels to the Bahamas, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Mexico and Panama, whereI have met many colors and races. I made many friends everywhere I went, and I enjoyed the different cultures and the people. They were not that different from those people of Pittsburgh, I believe, that growing up in Pittsburgh helped. I had an open mind and it was a benefit. I now live in Glendale and love the different races and colors of this little village.

Back to the Post Office. The thoughts I was having stemmed from other Post Offices throughout the country and from gas stations. It actually started with gas stations – I started noticing heavy Persian accents at most of the gas stations. Persians, especially in Texas at that time, were running the stations.

This was back in the 70s when I was in Texas, promoting a Texas song. I wondered about it at the time. I found out that, they were not just running them, they owned them. How could a person from another country come over to this country and buy a gas station? By now, you should know the answer to that question, unless you are one of those that keep their head in the sand and only tune into FOX news.

I first noticed this in Orange County when I tried to ask a postman a question about delivery. He couldn’t understand the question and I couldn’t understand him. He was Oriental. I was doing some Ebay selling at the time, had a few items returned after a long delay. The packages were in bad shape, and one time, the address on a printer I mailed was torn off and after a number of months, the package was returned – it was all banged up. It looked like they played football with it. I believe that after it was damaged, to avoid complications they ripped off the address sticker that I had applied and threw it into a pile to be dealt with later. I am speaking of the United States Postal Service.

I have nothing against, nor have I any prejudice towards any race – but – would an ordinary American (not talking about the politically connected or wealthy Americans) be able to buy a gas station in Iraq, or get a job in a post office there? I doubt it.

Another item: I had trouble with my computer and called Microsoft – got connected to someone in India with a thick accent. I wanted some technical questions answered and they don’t understand me and I don’t understand them. I just started making up my own language and pretty soon I got someone who spoke English.

Where is the logic in putting someone who does not fully understand, nor speak the language of the country, into a position where there is a constant interchange of information required? The only answer I can come up with is greed and ignorance - cheap labor (money), and a not caring postal service (the hell with the people).

What I find interesting about what I just wrote is the fact that none of the accents or people, I was referring to, are Hispanic. Yet, here in our country, we are screaming about the Mexican migrants. Get rid of the illegal Mexicans. How did we, as a people, get steered away from the other issues of the Persians and the Oriental influx? Easy! Programming.

I do agree that the crooked Mexican drug cartels that are using this country should be shipped to Siberia (using the US Postal Dept), but there are many good Mexicans that need help. Mexico needs to discover oil!  Then, our government, and their oil buddies, will have a change of heart. Who will they steer our hatred to then?

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                           THE BLOG/COLUMN

To Sam's recent blogs I am rearrangeing my stories and blogs so they are more accesable. You will find some duplicates, lost files, etc. until it is complete

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

It seems to me, that removing that which belongs to a person, or persons, in order to gain personal wealth and power is stealing. The lower class steal, the upper classes mis-appropriate. Profit has become a common word that no longer denotes theft, stealing or mis-appropriation, depending upon who is carrying out the act. During the second World War, profiteering became illegal. So, whether it is stealing, profiteering, mis-appropriating, or theft, it is still at the expense of another individual or individuals.

We quickly put the lower class in jail for stealing, however the wealthy get a slap on the wrist. They are not supposed to get caught. The upper classes were not against Nixon because he stole; they were against him because he got caught; it gives a bad name.

I am sure a lot of people will disagree; not based on experience, or what they personally have seen or know, but from what has been programmed into their minds. That kind of disagreement is very popular in this country. It is also very frightening, that so many can be influenced by lies. Another word for it is prejudice.

With all of that said, we bring in religion. Many of those perpetrators, politicians, thieves, and corporate executives hide behind, God. They can’t possibly believe in God and do all of the acts and lies that have brought this country to its knees; and I don’t mean kneeling in prayer but in suffering. If they were brought to their knees to pray, that might be a good thing.

If they read the bible and fear God, knowing that they will be eventually cast into fire and brimstone, how can they do all of those greedy acts? How can they luxuriate while so many are losing their homes and the food on their tables? The terrible thing is that many of the general public accepts their lies as truths.

March 7, 2012


I am both driver and pedestrian; I enjoy walking. I grew up in a city near Pittsburgh, PA, but I also, lived many years in New York and Miami, before moving to San Francisco. The way to be a pedestrian and survive in those cities back east was simple. Know, that drivers are trying to make scores by running over the pedestrian. So many points for an old man, opposed to a kid on a bike. You never stepped out onto the street in front of an approaching car, even if there was a stop sign. They got big points for hitting you there. You could jaywalk if you were agile and could dodge them. Nobody meandered while jaywalking and no jaywalker ever expected the oncoming car to stop.

Just because California has a law protecting pedestrians, I still follow back east rules. When I first arrived in San Francisco, I had my first experience with that law, which I was not familiar with.

One evening, while crossing California Street, there were few cars. It is a wide street. I was in the middle of the street, waiting for an oncoming car to pass, so I could continue on to the sidewalk. All of a sudden the car stopped. I thought why did he do that? Is he waiting to get a better shot at me? I would not walk in front of that car.  I stood there waiting; I was not going to give him a target. Finally he moved on. For me, to walk in front of that car would have been like jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge.

Both, as a pedestrian and a driver, I see people doing acts, which appears to me, as if they want to commit suicide. For example: Without looking, they step off of curbs onto the streets while texting or chatting on their cell phones. A group of high school children were walking along the sidewalk; all talking and joking, and without any hesitation, continued across the street as if it was their God-given right. I put my car in gear and revved the engine as I began to continue on. The last girl in the group turned and gave me one of those attitude looks, as if I were insulting her.

I see car doors hanging wide open on the traffic side. I have seen a couple of doors torn off that way, and it surprises me that there aren’t more accidents. I see people walk out between two parked cars, and without looking, turn with their backs to the on coming traffic, and walk towards their car door, then open it wide and get in. I am not able to do that. My survival instincts stop me. I am very thankful I grew up in the East; I am still alive at 82, very active and totally aware of the dangers of the unexpected.

While walking, when I reach a corner, I stop and look both ways before continuing, whether there is a stop sign or not, and if a car is approaching the intersection at a fast speed, I won’t step out in front of it. I make eye contact with the driver until he/she slows down. I want to be sure they see me; not their cell phones. In this town, people don’t stop for stop signs, unless there is another car at the intersection.

I’ve lived in California since 1961 and I have seen many people putting their lives out there, thinking they have the right of way. Many have discovered the truth too late. New York has the highest pedestrian death rate. I feel sure, that if they took a survey, they would find the biggest percentage consisted of visiting Californians, who thought they had the right of way as a pedestrian.


February 23, 2012
This blog has been neglected, but I have been writing. If you go to my site you will see some of my stories. I like to write fiction, but I keep getting pulled back to this real world. Fear, anger, hate, jealousy and greed have taken over this world. This last greedy gas hike will set off an explosion that even the 1% will feel. How utterly greedy/stupid can one get?
I would be distraught if our President based his judgments on a book that has been rewritten and re-edited by clerical fanatics, who wanted to have power and control. If God wrote that book, a thing no one really knows, he would have given us the knowledge of who we are, so that we could make a better life for everyone on the planet; not a select few. The universal laws written in that book are distorted to suit the powers that edited them. Read "Leviticus" to find out how they created laws to support all of those priests and cleric. They never went hungry.

In my heart, I have love for the human race. Everyday, I pray for a better world through a compassionate, loving world. Yet, I am personally, deeply, ashamed of belonging to this human race. Greed has taken over. We all know there are greedy American corporations that are giving this country a bad name in the countries they are exploiting, through greed and corruption. Terrorists are striking out at them. When they do, the corporations make it appear they are attacking the United States, and ask for our youth to go over and fight for them.  The World Trade Center and the Pentagon; doesn’t that say something? They hit the people who were/are exploiting their countries. (I am sure there is more to it, and yes innocents died, but aren’t we killing their innocents?) We know all of this, yet we do nothing about it, and the top one percent get richer at the cost of our children's lives.

How stupid are we? Why don't we expose these corporations for what they are, and then boycott them out of business? Those corporations already have answers for such action. "It would threaten the economy." is their biggest argument. And the sheep listen and turn their tails for another shaft up the ass. You would think the oil companies would have an oil or ointment to make it easier. Look at gas prices. Bush is in his glory. Boycott Mobile and Exxon for a starter!

Friday, August 6, 2010
Today I am adding some thoughts that have been racing through my head about Proposition 8. It was recently overturned by a California Judge. People started venting anger about it. I dont understand those people or why they are getting so upset over something that is an individuals choice to make.

So, I wrote the following:

Some more thoughts: Men, who think they have a say in women’s decisions are living in a world of their own. If a woman wants to abort an unwanted growth in her body, she should have that right. If a man objects because he wants a baby, then he should climb in bed with a woman who wants one and not try to rule another person’s life. I can’t understand any man who gets outraged at abortions. If it is because some book says it is wrong, based on being re-written many times to comply with certain men’s desires, then he needs to start thinking for himself, instead of believing everything that some fanatic claims to be the only way.

I also found an article I wrote in 2003 regarding abortions:

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Saturday, June 26 2010
Today I realized I have been neglecting my Blog/Column. Almost a year has passed since the last entry. Time do fly!! Today, my dear friends, Russell, Carla and Keeland(I'm his Gawdfadder), are flying to South Africa to visit Russell's Mother and Carla's Father. While there, Russell and his brother will be attending the FIFA World Cup. Exciting!! While they are away, I will watch their house and two dogs, Lola and Charlie.

I have written many other things since I lasted posted anything on my B/C. I had a great year. "Cancel Christmas" was produced in five different venues last year.  Paula Samonte and Les Pfutzenreuter directed a production of "Cancel Christmas" for the Ukiah Civic Light Opera and the Ukiah Playhouse, with new musical arrangements. You can hear them on bogwig.com. Two productions were done in Europe; the other productions were in New Jersey, Utah and Southern California.

Once again, I worked for the LA Opera in "the Festival of Daniel" which was performed at the Cathedral Of Our Lady Los Angeles. There were many people there who I knew from the year before, and the same crew worked the show.  It was refreshing and good exercise.

I flew up to Las Vegas for four days of shows and restaraunts with my friend, Monti Rock III. First night we went to see Dionne Warwick, who was appearing with Connie Francis at the Hilton Hotel. It was done by an independent  producer and he left a lot to be desired. I tallked to Dionne about it when she appeared at a benefit in Pasadena. She said, "That's show biz."

I have included an Imac computer to my PC and am enjoying the transition. Apple has a lot to offer, and I am glad that I finally changed. I still have my PC and the programs, but very seldom use it now. I had a problem with my Wordperfect files in the beginning, but found a mac word processor that reads WPD files so I can convert them to Word files easily.

I have also converted from MS Frontpage to Dreamweaver for my web sites. It is an interesting learning curve. I am enjoying the lessons froom a book I purchased, but it does take away time which I feel I will gain back once I get more into it. How do you gain back time?

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July 2009
Time flies and I am flying with it. I just finished a week of rehearsal and five shows at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion. It was with the American Ballet Theatre in the ballet "Romeo & Juliet." I had a grand time and met some wonderful people.

Russell, his family and I went to the Rose Bowl to watch the fireworks on the fourth. They were fantastic. They blew me away. The only drawback was 7 or 8 marching bands. Two at the most, but 7 or 8 got a little too much. The display made it worth the wait.

While traveling back and forth to the theater I read an interesting book which has given me fuel for some more articles on people and their own responsibilities for their own actions and how to make it a positive experience. When I complete them I will put a link on here, so that you can read them - but, if you do, you will then have to accept the fact that there are no excuses and that you, and you alone, are responsible for all of your actions, good or bad. If you know about karma, then you know that it is not a punishment tool but an instructive tool. We learn by our mistakes and we can earn while we learn.

     The "doctors" thought Torre had meningitis, but after all of the required scans, they still didn't know what was wrong. He had tremendous pain in his head and back. Then fever followed by chills. That is when he entered the hospital. They still don't know what is wrong but they sent him home Tuesday and he is feeling somewhat better today.
             I sound like a "know it all" when I say this, but to me it was quite clear. First, about a year ago he was operated on for back pains. I was sorry to see him do it. They put him on pain medication until he was addicted, then, when he was on withdrawal, they gave him withdrawal medication. His body had an over load of their medications - Just like Michael Jackson.
                   I say this because, when they discovered my weak heart valve, I was prescribed a medication for my blood pressure. The side effects were debilitating - I made them cut the amount many times. Finally it was down from 10 pills a day to a half a pill a day. A week before my operation I quit taking their pills, and I refused to take any pills after the operation. 
       After the operation, two cardiologist came into my room and tried to give me the same prescription. I asked them how long would I have to take the stuff, and they said, In a tone that really pissed me off, "Oh, for the rest of your life." I was hooked up to machines and they started to whistle. The Cardiologists got excited and said, "He is fibrillating" - I told them that I knew it, told them to get out, that I would calm my self down, and I told them I would not take their pills.
       Seven years later, I am healthy, active and not dependent on any medication. When they tried to give me medication for high cholesterol, I told them that I knew the side effects damaged the liver. I told them if I wanted my liver damaged I would do it with martinis. They didn't like it, but it is my life and I know what helps me.
           By the way, I found that alcohol was burning my energy, so about a week before I started rehearsals with the American Ballet Theatre in "Romeo & Juliet" I stopped all alcohol. On Thursday, the first day of the performances, we had a rehearsal at noon, a dress rehearsal at five and a show at seven and the show ran three and half hours. The dressing rooms were one floor below the stage, so I was up and down all day. Because of my walking every day and the lack of medication, I was full of energy when I walked out to catch my bus home. I then had to walk seven blocks to my apartment because the buses in the neighborhood stopped running a 7pm. I stopped for a take-out pizza, and went home and ate it without a beer. I was so proud of myself. But, by then, I was tired. Slept like a baby. 
   I miss those martinis and the beer and the wine, but each time I start to weaken I ask myself if it is worth the energy drain and I forget about the drink. I was always having a martini or something while cooking my dinner. I am slimming down and my friends say  I look great. So no more booze! Well - maybe once a year. I sure do go on.
     Candace turned 33 to day - I felt bad when she was born because I never thought I would last so long. She is about to have her first production.
        April 2009
April found me planning a trip to the Bay area to visit my Daughter, Candace, and to attend a celebration of Ron's life (see March 2009). I flew up on Wednesday and stopped in Lefty ODoul's for a beer and to wait for Candace. Met an Irish bloke who had a beautiful Irish brogue. Candace lives in an apartment overlooking a very active part of downtown San Francisco. I spent some time watching the action on the streets, better than TV if you know what you are looking at.

Candace got us tickets to see the show at the Teatro Zinzanni on the waterfront. She worked there a few years back and I had been there at that time. At that time Joan Baez was the headliner. During one of the weekends during her run she gave a party onboard the ex-presidential yacht, USS Potomac, for one of the performers, Eugeniy Voronin. We toured the bay and had a wonderful time.  I have photos.

When we arrived, Candace was greeted by one of the owners and there were still a number of people there from the years back when Candace worked there. two of the waitresses i remembered from the party and dancing with them. While I was waiting for Candace to return from the lady's room, a lady walked by and smiled at me. She looked familiar, it was Joan Baez. She had brought her Mother to the show that night. What a coincidence. We talked about the earlier times at the Teatro. I told her that I was listening to a classical station in LA on Tuesday and that they played her recent recording. More coincidences.

Friday night Candace took me to a club in the Mission District to see some bluegrass, blues musicians. They were really good. She insisted that I dance, she wanted to introduce me to all of her friends. I like to dance and I like to boogie, so It was fun.

Saturday we caught a bus to San Rafael to Ron's celebration. I immediately found the bar and a full bottle of Old Bushmills sitting there, feeling very neglected. I soon remedied that. I drank it straight and slowly the whole day and into the night. It reminded me of the time my friend Russell and I celebrated Frank Sinatra's passing with a bottle of Dewer's Scotch. Besides a lot of old friends and my Daughter Candace, my ex-wife, Paula was there along with our two children Torre and Samantha and my granddaughter Lydia. It was good to see how much they all loved each other. It was a perfect day for me and I felt Ron's presence. Ron introduced me to Paula in 1960 when I first arrived in San Francisco from Miami. That's another story.

We spent the night and the Candace caught a bus back to SF and I rode with my Son, Torre back to LA. My Daughter, Samantha and grand Daughter Lydia drove up from Irvine, so they followed us back. I spent that night and the next day at her house and returned home Wednesday. After all of that love from my family, I felt wonderful

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March 2009
Last week, March ninth through the twelfth, I was visiting Monti Rock in Las Vegas. He saw to it, that I had a great rate at the Golden Nugget Hotel and Casino. I was on the 19th floor of the South tower in an elegant suite. We had breakfast every morning at the buffet in the hotel. This buffet puts The Soup Plantation to shame. When I registered I was given a coupon book with two-for-one meals and we were also compd. for a couple of breakfasts and a dinner. Monti is very popular in Las Vegas.

I got in late the first night because a dear friend, Ron McAlister, from San Francisco, who was to come in earlier and then pick me up at the airport with his friend, who lived in Las Vegas, never showed. I learned later that he suffered a stroke while still in San Rafael preparing to catch the flight to Las Vegas. He was taken to the Kaiser hospital in Marin County and then transferred to Redwood city. I was later told that while he was at the hospital he went into a coma and then passed away the next day.

Monti took me to see an excellent performer, Gordie Brown, who does comedy and impersonations. The Show was 90 minutes long and that man worked that stage hard. He was funny and his impressions were good. He has a good voice and sang many of the impersonations. It was a large room and it was sold out. After the show we had a wonderful dinner at Vic & Anthony's Steakhouse at the hotel. Monti?s two guests, Eve and Lance, joined us for dinner. It was a late night.

The next night we saw Vinnie Favorito at the Flamingo Hotel. This guy is listed as a street level comedian of the Don Rickles style of comedy. He was strong. He worked the audience with much swearing and insults, but in a way that was humorous, and the audience loved it. His show was also sold out.

Monti and I had long conversations at breakfast times, and I recorded a lot of it for input into the chapter I am writing for his Book. He drove me around Las Vegas in his Leopard skin automobile and introduced me to some of his business associates and friends. I finally met Bruce, a wonderful person, who is Monti?s companion. We had a delicious dinner at the Flamingo Hotel before catching Vinnie Favorito?s act.

While resting at the hotel I watched a TV program with Ellen Degeneres. Carol Burnett was her guest and it was a good show. I mentioned it to Monti and asked him if he would be interested in going on her show. He said he would, and told me to book it. At this time I have contacted her people and we are waiting to see if they are interested. From what I saw of her show, Monti would be great on it.

I mentioned it to a friend in Los Angeles and he suggested I also check the David Letterman show. Monti was on the Johnny Carson show 85 times. I accompanied him to the show a number of times.

I have also been on the Johnny Carson and Merv Griffin shows a number of times with various acts; Shelly Winters, Sandler and Young, Sy Kramer, to mention a few.

 In those years I watched a lot of talk shows: Jack Parr, Steve Allen, Dick Cavett, Merv Griffin as well as Johnny Carson. When Johnny Carson left the air, I didn?t bother with any of the talk shows. I have caught bits of the David Letterman Show, but never really watched it.

Tonight I decided to watch the Letterman Show. His guest was Nicholas Cage, who was promoting his latest movie. During their conversation, Cage mentioned his interest in hang-gliding. He then told a story about the time when he was eleven years old and was at his Uncles Birthday party.

What he said next really caught my attention. First, the Birthday party was for Francis Ford Coppola, who was his uncle. It was held on his ranch in the Napa valley. Cage said he saw a plane fly over, and then a small dot slowly came floating down through the sky, as it neared he could see a man dressed in a tuxedo and carrying a bottle of champagne. He landed on the lawn, walked up to Coppola and handed him the bottle of champagne. This created his interest in hang-gliding.

Why was this interesting to me? Because I was at that birthday party. I was there because I brought the San Francisco Taiko Dojo Drummers to play for Coppola. I was producing a concert in Little Tokyo in San Francisco and I had booked the Drummers as part of the show. I met the Grateful Dead, in New York in 1969. Mickey Hart, the drummer was producing some of the sound for Coppola?s movie "Apocalypse Now." He knew I was producing the concert and called me to see if I could get the drummers to come out to the party. I arranged it and they came and played on the lawn. Coppola liked them and Mickey used them. That?s another story.

I would just like to add, that coincidences like this happen to me frequently. I never noticed that Nicholas Cage was at the party, but then he was only eleven. He probably didn?t notice me either. I?m sure he noticed the drummers and maybe the Japanese singer that I was managing at the time. She performed in the living room.

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July 2008
The 4th of July came and went so fast I don't remember too many booms or pops. I understand there were a lot of blasts. As a kid I loved the Fourth - then we were allowed firecrackers and of course a few daring young men got fingers burnt, but it was fun.
          But, because of my concern about air quality, some articles in the paper caught my eye. They spoke of all of the little particles in the air containing metals and dangerous health hazards from the fire works; and a few weeks preceding the fourth, the air quality was damaged by all of the forest fires. The articles mentioned that the particles stayed in the air for long periods of time and recommended anyone with asthmatic or lung problems should stay indoors.
        With all of the concern about air quality, the media never mentioned how leaf blowers are doing the same thing as the fireworks or the forest fires. The leaf blowers are damaging the air quality every day of our lives (except in areas where there is snow in the winter (I added that for the people who love to add their intelligent contradictions.) ) Actually leaf blowers are more deadly, but we turn our heads to them. I cover my nose and mouth. Read my article on leaf blowers for some enlightenment.

Below is an article about the statements our elected president made about the Chinese Olympics. (The yellow text in parentheses are my comments.)
"The Chinese people are watching very carefully about the decisions by world leaders and I happen to believe that not going to the opening ceremony for the games would be an affront to the Chinese people," (Which Chinese people; the ones oppressed, beaten and killed, or the political and corporate Chinese people? I am sure they are all watching, but for different reasons. Are we condoning the in-humane treatment of the people or are we helping the corporations and politicians benefit from our attendance? Would you go to a dog and cat show if you knew for a fact that behinds the scenes the officials were beating, killing and maiming the animals? I don't think so.) "which may make it more difficult to be able to speak frankly with the Chinese leadership," the president said. (who speaks frankly in the political world? If he said "... more difficult to do business." it would be believable.)

Fukuda announced that he also intended to go. (The Japanese are neighbors, if they don't go, they could be in danger. Also, our government (Not our people) would not like it.)  )              "There are many aspiring athletes that will be going to Beijing, and I would like to cheer them on, too, which I think is only natural." (I guess it is also natural to enslave people.) "I don't think you really have to link Olympics to politics," the prime minister said. (Please, don't link Olympics with politics! But we (our government) has linked them. People are people and if a country condones enslavement and cruel punishment to innocent people, how can we say in one breath, "That is terrible." and in another breath say, "We don't want to hurt their feelings, we should go to the Olympics."?)
THOSE ASPIRING ATHLETES would be much greater if they boycotted the Olympics.

Bush also addressed Japanese concerns over the kidnapping of Japanese citizens by North Korea in the 1970s and 1980s. Those abducted apparently were used to train North Korean agents in Japanese language and customs.

Japanese citizens are upset about the U.S. move to remove North Korea from the State Department's terror blacklist in exchange for the North's decision to admit to some of its nuclear weapons work and begin dismantling its nuclear facilities. (It looks like corporate America is getting ready for an new business venue.)

As a condition for sending aid and improving relations with the impoverished North, Japan long has pushed for the resolution of the issue of the abductions.

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June 30, 2008

In my last article I wrote "Time Flies" - It sure do!! That was in October of 2004. I have excuses that are valid, but not acceptable. Since I last wrote this column, I have moved, first to Costa Mesa, then to my new home in Glendale, CA. Yes, I moved back to the LA area. I didn't know how much I missed it until I finally found a place and got settled.

I was in Orange county to be near my Daughter and Grandchildren. But now they are older and very busy with their lives; I am not needed there any more. I loved being with them, but in the past couple of months before I decided to  move back, I started getting that feeling. Each time I came to this area to visit friends the thought would enter my mind. "Get back to LA."

Then, My friend Russell, called me about coming up and working for the LA Opera as a supernumerary. (Those are the people on stage during a performance, who react to the immediate situation of the scene.) It meant a number of rehearsals and then the performances. The opera was "Judas Maccabaeus" the conductor was James Conlon. It was a wonderful experience. When I was given the opportunity to do more work with them, I decided it was time to move.

It also gives me more opportunity to promote my new, illustrated book of Cancel Christmas. In 2005 the play was produced in Huntington Beach at the HB Library Theater and in 2006 it was produced in Eagle Rock at the Eagle Rock Stage. It was viewed by over 4,000 people who all said they loved it.

Now, I am almost unpacked and ready to enjoy Los Angeles. I've contacted my friends and am rehearsing to do the touring version of the Sunshine Boys and my new play, called Can You see Him Now?

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October 12, 2004

Time flies! Been off on another tangent. (What else?) This one started a long time ago, but finally came to a head recently - I think it did.

My Grandmother was brought to this country when she was 10 years old. That would have been in the 1880s. Her Mother and Father, my Great-grandparents, were from Germany. I was fortunate to know both of them. After my Great-grandfather died, my Great-grandmother continued to live on their farm in Northwest Pennsylvania. I remember staying with her in the Summer time. It was wonderful - dirt roads, nearest farm about a mile down the road, kerosene lamps, an outhouse at the end of a grape arbor, a wood, cook stove in the kitchen and a pot belly stove in the living room, an indoor water pump, outdoor water pumps and a fruit cellar. The bedrooms were upstairs, reached through a door in the kitchen and up a narrow set of stairs enclosed by walls on both sides, chamber pots and wash bowls were in each bedroom.

Many wonderful memories of the delicious blackberry pies baked in that wood stove, picking blackberries, picking wild strawberries in the front yard, walking down to the neighbors for fresh milk. After My G-grandfather died most of the farm animals were sold because it was too much for one person. She did not move off of that farm for many years. Not until she became ill and had to move to the Pittsburgh area to live with my Grandmother and also with my family.

During my stays with her, there were many lessons to be learned about that sort of life. I played with the kids at the next farm - jumped in the hay lofts, rode the wide-backed, work horses, even rode cows. One day while approaching a horse in the field, I woke up to see everyone crowded around me. The horse had kicked me in the head (don?t say it!)- my head hurt for a long time after.

One of the things that stands out in my memory were the stories she read me from the Gazette. The Gazette was mailed to her from Germany. This would have been around 1937-38. She read me stories of what a great leader they had, and how much good he was doing for his country. She read other stories in the Gazette, some of them humorous, because I remember her laughing.

At that time there were many people in this country that supported Hitler and his ideals. The big corporations financed him with a picture of much profits in their minds (Greed) and blinded themselves to the reports of all of the atrocities that were being inflicted on the non-Germans: Poles, Gypsies, intellectuals, homosexuals, Jews and anybody who disagreed with Hitler?s ideals. I remember the day Germany marched in to Poland. It was September 1, 1939.

Click here to see the sky  It will show you September 1, 1939 - with a short story about how it was photographed.

All through World War II, I felt guilty of being of German decent - I was ashamed. Many of my playmates were Jewish. The day Pearl Harbor was bombed, I was at the movies watching Bud Abbott and Lou Costello in "Buck Privates". My Dad picked us up after the movie and told us about it on the way home. When we arrived home, I immediately went to the basement, got out my BB-gun, set up a target and started practicing. I knew I would be in a war. I was only twelve at the time, but I will never forget. I read about the war in the paper every day, I never missed an issue, collected scrap iron, sold and bought war stamps and bonds. Since I was too young for the army, I wanted to help - to help anyway I could.

The war ended when I was fifteen, soon to be sixteen, and I was anxious to go in. My parents told me they would not sign until I was seventeen. After football season, I lied about my age and went to work in the American Steel Foundry, making brake parts for trains. There was a bomb plant not to far from the foundry and many of my older classmates worked there. Would get out of school at 2:30 PM, catch a bus to the foundry and work till 11:00 PM, catch a bus home and up the next day for school. I still carried the guilt.

For a many years I wondered how one man like Hitler, could create such a monster and cause so much death and destruction to the world, and I carried that guilt. I started reading books about him to find out how he did it. I didn?t want to see it happen again. After reading "The life and Death of Adolph Hitler" by Robert Payne, did I begin to get a clear picture of what Hitler did to create this monster, and what part the German people played. I?ve written about this elsewhere on my site. I started reading "Hitler?s Willing Executioners" Ordinary Germans and the Holocaust by Daniel Jonah Goldhagen, which exposes the German people, who claim to have had no knowledge of the atrocities. That didn?t help my shame.

In the meanwhile, found a book "The Berlin Diaries 1940-1945" by Marie Vassiltchikov, a beautiful young Russian Aristocrat who grew up as a refugee in Germany, France and Lithuania. A very different and enlightening view of those times through her eyes. She wrote of the many Germans who hated Hitler and plotted to kill him.

About the time I finished reading that book I auditioned for a part in the "Diary of Anne Frank" Her diary is of the same time but from another angle. I got the part of Mr. Kraler who was helping the family hide from the Nazis. It was rather heavy for me, because of my guilt. But as time progressed with the play, I came to a realization that even if the German people did know about the atrocities, there was nothing they could do. Hitler had set up such a system and mind set in most of the people, that your neighbor could and would turn you in, so you were always on guard. The fear of being hauled off to a concentration camp or shot, because of a slip of the tongue, stopped many from crying out.

I pray that horror never comes to this country. There are many speeches that Hitler wrote that parallel speeches being made today. We should always be ahead of those people and watch for signs that indicate a closing of our freedom. When we see them, don't look the other way, do something. Do something before it is too late.

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07/25/2004   Sam's Thoughts About the Power Behind Our Government

First, I was born in America and I am very proud of most of the people of America. There are many things that have been done over the years, in the name of the people, that I am not proud of, but I love America and what it stands for. I am not a sheep and I don?t believe everything that is handed me - and I will tell you why.

I?m not quite sure when the thoughts came to me, but I believe it was in the fifties. By that time I had experienced a wide variety of things and happenings in my life. I read that if you want to be a good writer, you must live your life fully, with many experiences to draw from. I did that. I ventured into things to see where they would take me and what would happen. Fortunately for me, I survived.

I saw and learned how politics worked from an early age. It is said that in 1820 my Great-great- great -grandfather was governor of Pennsylvania. My grandfather was also in politics, in a town run by the "Boys". I played football with their kids and hung out with them. As I grew up I learned the ways to do things, and saw things happen. Gambling was open, $2 and $3 whorehouse were abundant. I hung out in their clubs before I was old enough to drink. It was during the war (World War II) and things were loose.

With all of that and much more in my head, I came up with a theory about our country. I don't know what triggered it, or even why I was thinking about our country, that brought on this thought. But here it is, as best I can remember it from those days. I have told this to many people, who looked at me like I was crazy. Business men told me that it couldn't be, because, if it was true, they would know about it. Those same "business men" also knew, that if they left their homes to go on a vacation, the "hippies" would move in to their homes. Where did they get that information. They all knew the same things. So much for that. Here it is.

During the time of the industrial revolution when a few unscrupulous, sharp, men were amassing fortunes in industry, there were a few revolutions going on in France; one that erupted in 1789 lead the Queen, Marie Antoinette, to the guillotine in October 16, 1793, along with a few others. Then there was one in 1830 and another one in 1848. All caused by the common people who were dissatisfied with their treatment by the government.

So, when the big money started to roll in and the public was being enslaved with low wages and poor working conditions, the money people had to devise a way to protect themselves and their wealth. They didn't want the same thing that happened in France to happen to them in America. They naturally wanted to keep their wealth, and they desperately wanted to continue adding to their piles of money. Now how could that be done with out being beheaded? Simple! And they did it.

They first formed a secret group, a society of dedicated men, who had mutual interests (money-power), and then they pooled some of their money and took control of the government, but made it appear that the people had the control through votes. They gave the people a say in the elections and the government. Of course it always went the way of the Society. If for some unforeseen reason it didn?t go their way, they always had a backups, and they soon corrected their problem. Assassination was a fix-all. The Mafia learned from that society.

This secret society controlled everything, including the federal reserve. This control has been passed down to their children to this day. The last presidential election almost gave away their hand by the fiasco that happened in Florida. You remember, the presiden'ts brother's state. The state that fixed the election. We the people have been led down the yellow brick road, and these guys are laughing all the way to the bank. The society knew how to play the special interest groups. The name of the game was greed. That is how con men are able to fleece people. They use the greed in the suckers to manipulate them. Hitler was brilliant at doing that.

And now we are at the crossroads once again. We have a man in office who lied to us, (Didn't most of them?) Used a national disaster to better the financial position of his cohorts, his Father and himself. Lead our young into a war that served no benefit to the people of the United States, or the people we were supposed to be helping. Over a thousand dead and twice as many wounded and maimed for life. And he cut their salary and cut the VA funding. We fought for oil, but did one veteran of that war ever get one free quart of oil for their sacrifices?

This man, gave aid to the enemy, by getting them out of the country immediately after the disaster. He flew them back to Iraq when all flights out of the country were halted,  then made up stories in ordr to lead us into eliminating one of his Father's competitors for oil. We elected him, or did we? In France they called those actions, treason and sent them to prison for life or the guillotine. Here, we turn the other cheek and make excuses for them. The greedy people are in control and they still think they can benefit by this man, who, at the very least, should be impeached. They refuse to believe what is right in front of their eyes.

Many of this is coming to light now. One thing that has come of all this, is that with the advent of computers, history will one day expose the whole truth. It may take a few hundred years, but I feel (I pray) it will happen. We have never left the dark ages, we are still burning the wrong people at the stakes.

I hope the people of this country, and I include the FBI, the CIA, the SECRET SERVICE, the MILITARY, the POLICE and all of the innocent boys who are indoctrinated into the service, will soon realize that they are all being used and that it is morally wrong to allow that type of leadership to go on. We are all of this planet. Shouldn't we help each other along the path, must we cause suffering to so many, for the benefits of a few?


IN THE BEGINNING: John Davison Rockefeller, John Pierpont Morgan, John Deere, Charles Goodyear, George Westinghouse, Henry Ford and more

LATER: Joseph Kennedy, George Bush, and more

The queen of France, Marie Antoinette, was sent to the guillotine in 1793 due to a revolt in 1789 by the Parisians over their bad treatment by the government.

An inept ruler, King Charles X (1757-1836) inspired resentment in the French middle class and its press, especially against ultra-royalist advisers; when he directed his reactionary favorite Jules de Polignac (1780-1847) to form a new ministry, the Chamber of Deputies hotly objected. Charles' angry dismissal of the chamber (1829) turned an attempt to curb a hated functionary into the total collapse of the regime. An 1830 French election revealed even greater opposition in the chamber, and Charles again dismissed it as he and Polignac published the "July Ordinances," which established strong press controls and reduced the electorate. As usual, the Parisians revolted and blockaded the streets on July 27, 1830; among those manning the barricades were army units and former members of the National Guard disbanded in 1827. Charles acted too late in annulling the new ordinances and dismissing Polignac (July 30, 1830); the minister was arrested and condemned to life imprisonment and later (1836) amnestied. Charles fled, then abdicated in favor of a grandson; the rebels, divided into republicans favoring the Marquis de Lafayette (1757-1834) and monarchists desiring the conservative Duke of Orleans, Louis-Philippe (1773-1850), argued among themselves until the dismissed bourgeois legislature declared the throne vacant and proclaimed Louis-Philippe king. His ineptness and rightist actions led his "July Monarchy" to the French revolution of 1848 and the Second Republic.

Like the French revolution of 1830, a conservative minister was the focus of resentment in France in 1848, but this later revolt also included working-class members angry at the government's failure to relieve the depression of 1846-47. The offending minister was Francois Guizot (1787-1874); the unpopular monarch was King Louis-Philippe (1773-1850). France's opposition parties, forbidden direct campaigning for a forth-coming election, instead wittily held a "banquet campaign"; when their most important gathering, slated for February 22 in Paris, was forbidden by the king and Guizot, the Parisians gathered in force at the banqueting place, and street fighting erupted. At its worst on February 23, 1848, when some government troops opened fire while others laid down their arms or joined the rebels, the revolution forced the dismissal of Guizot and, the next day, the abdication of Louis-Philippe. A provisional government, the Committee of Public Safety, guided by Alhonse de Lamartine (1790-1869), was established by the Chamber of Deputies; it declared the Second Republic and tried to meet all demands, setting up national workshops, declaring a right-to-work law, and calling for national elections. The revolution had been generally local; the French national response was predominantly moderate. An executive committee, again including Lamartine, replaced the provisional government and attempted to meet the new public resentment (May 1848). It dissolved the national workshops... It also produced a very democratic constitution. In new elections, the French Assembly changed its balance again, monarchists outnumbering radicals five to two and moderates six to one. The revolution was now defunct, and the republic was soon to wither. Prince Louis Napoleon (1808-73), long a Bonaparte claimant and a conservative, was elected president in December 1848.

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Sometime in the summer of 1937 or 38, my Dad took me to the Pymatuning Dam. My Mother had packed us a lunch. My Dad and his friend rode in the front seat and I rode in the rumble-seat of my Dad's Ford. We parked and walked to one of the spill-ways. We could see a lot of fish swimming around. I walked back to the car and got a sandwich. At that time, no was throwing anything to the fish. I tore off a piece of bread and tossed it in. What a commotion! The fish boiled in a big swell to get at the bread. Needless to say I continued to toss in pieces of the bread. Soon a large crowd of people were hanging over the rails watching the action. When I ran out of bread I ran back and got another sandwich. We left the dam and went home. I told my Mother about the fish. We Lived in New Kensington and My grandmother had a farm near Jamestown (Jimtown).

          The next year my Dad took me back to the dam. I brought plenty of extra bread. A funny thing, there were people throwing bread into the spillways and there were people selling bread for the fish. My Dad said I started something. I completely forgot about it until I happened on this site. Do they still feed the fish?
Here is a link to the Pymatuning Lake and the Dam.

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February 23, 2004

This is a story I put on my Words Comment page. Thought I would put it here too. Write your congressman. That's a laugh, he is one of them.

Retirement Anyone?

No wonder Hillary wanted to be a senator! Social Security! Perhaps we are asking the wrong questions  this election year. Our Senators/Congressmen do not pay into Social Security, and, therefore they do not collect from it. Social Security benefits were not suitable for them. They felt they should have a special plan.

Many years ago they voted in their benefit plan. In more recent years, no congressperson has felt the need to change it. After all, it is a great plan. For all practical purposes their plan works like this. When they retire, no matter how long they have been in office, they continue to draw their same pay until they die, except it may be increased from time to time by the cost of living adjustments. For example, former Senator Bradley and his wife may be expected to draw $7,900,000.00 over an average life span, with Mrs. Bradley drawing $275,000.00 during the last year of her life. Their cost for this excellent plan is "0", nada, zilch.

They voted this little perk in for themselves, totally free to them. You and I pick up the tab for this plan. Retirement plan funds come directly from the General Funds.

Our tax dollars at work! With Social Security, which you and I pay into every payday for our own retirement, and with an equal amount matched by our employer, we can expect to get an average of $1,000.00 per month. We would have to collect our benefits for 68 years and 1 month to equal the Bradley's benefits.

Imagine for a moment that you could structure a retirement plan so desirable, a retirement plan that worked so well, that Railroad Employees, Postal Workers, and others who were not in the plan would clamor to be included. This is how good Social Security could be, if only one small change was made. That change would be to jerk the Golden Fleece Retirement Plan out from under the Presidents/Senators/Congressmen. Put them into the Social Security plan with the rest of us. Watch how fast they fix it!!!

If enough people receive this, maybe a seed will be planted, and maybe good changes will evolve. How many people can YOU send this to? Other possibilities are: Send it to your local newspaper (letters to the editor), I was going to suggest your local city officials, but they may get ideas and incorporate it into their charter then the city taxes would go up. Where do we go for help. I think we need another Boston Tea Party.


January 23, 2004

On my way to my agents office to deliver some scripts I stopped in Kinko's  to make  some copies of Hillcrest Hotel. Met my agent. Shewas there getting some copies herself. Followed her home with my scripts and we mailed some to Danny Devito's agent and Ron Howard's agent.
     Ron Howard's agent wrote and told me that he was very busy and wouldn't be able to work on my project. Haven't heard from Danny Devito's agent.

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January 10, 2004

The last three months has been spent in front of my computer revising, and revising, a screenplay that has been in the works for over two years. It started out as an idea for a TV serial, and took on a life of it?s own. It was mailed to my Writer's Guild Agent in Studio City and I am actively pursuing my own sources.

I've received some very positive critique from qualified people, which has given me a very positive attitude and a strong desire to see it on the screen.


Lovecrest Hotel is a story about a group of elderly men committed to a sanctuary for the eccentric. I would tell more, only there are too many baracudas out there. If you are interested contact me.

I've lived in Hollywood for many years and worked with some of the top stars. From this position I saw all of those people who were out there promoting their scripts. "Everybody in Hollywood has a screenplay."

Now I've joined their ranks. It's not my first screenplay. I have one out there for my book "Cancel Christmas". That was for an animation and primarily for children of all ages. The one I just finished "Lovecrest Hotel" is totally different. Now that I've joined the ranks of screenplay writers, the shoe is on the other foot. Back when I lived in Hollywood, I helped  friends push their scripts and their films. It was easy to ask for someone else. Now, I have to ask for me. That has always been difficult. I have to overcome that feeling of imposing by asking someone to read my screenplay. Would you like to read my screenplay? This is my start.

I am going over all of the old contacts that I had when I was in Hollywood. What do I say to them? Hi, you remember me? I was that guy who.... and then tell them that I have a dynamite screenplay. I don't think so! I am at a loss. No Balls! I need help!

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January 4, 2004

I sent an email to the pro-life people with my questions: "Does pro life mean that you are against the death penalty? Can't find any information about the death penalty in regards to pro-life."

This is the answer I received: "yes, in most cases where the death penalty is not necessary to protect society from harm. However stopping abortion is a higher concern since with the death penalty the victims are guilty of heinous crimes where the unborn are innocent"

It sounds like they're saying that it is okay to execute (kill) those babies, that were saved from abortion, after they have suffered a terrible life and then hurt someone? Now we can kill them. Pro-life just wants to get them into the world, what happens to them afterwards is not their concern. Whew! Something is wrong with this picture.

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December 31, 2003

I have been re-reading stories about Edgar Cayce; (born March 18, 1877 died January 3, 1945) these are stories I read in the late sixties, but now seem to have more meaning to me. I recently found a new book  The Edgar Cayce Collection, edited by Hugh Lynn Cayce, the son of Edgar Cayce . One section is devoted to dreams. This stimulated my old interest in recording and interpreting my dreams. Thus the following dream I had last night:

The dream was about farmers growing grain. I saw farmers who were harvesting their grain. They were talking about their concern about leaving the bales in the field. Seems that last year there were a number of bales stolen. They planned to protect the bales this year with armed guards and orders to shoot any perpetrators.

A voice spoke to them and gave them advice pertaining to their concerns about their crops. The advice given was: "Grow a second crop." Their reply was, "Why? We have enough for ourselves." They were told that others would need grain too, that they needed to feed all. The growers (The Agra-business people not the true farmers.) were upset and didn't want to listen.

Some of my thoughts after writing notes of the dream:

I lay there while many thoughts ran through my head, thoughts related to the dream. One of the prominent thoughts was about the growth of the population. Are we nearing the point of growth to where we will soon face famine in this country? Is it not too far in the future? If so, it will affect all, not just the poor. Soon, in order to survive, and for the survival of their families, people will be stealing and killing . Not a very nice picture. 

My thoughts then went to the pro-life people. Are they projecting into the future, or are they caught up in their feelings for the now? Do they see those unwanted babies struggling through life, many stealing and killing for survival? Do they see them in prison or being executed for their crimes?

Do they say, "okay" to executions, or are they also against it, as they are against abortions? If they are truly pro-life, certainly they would be against executing the same babies they saved from abortions, or is it different in their eyes.

 God gave us brains for reason and logic. I don't believe God gave us reasoning power so that we become sheep, following the ideas of a few fanatical people, who managed to get themselves in power.

Are pro-life people also against war? That's killing isn't it? Do governments want those babies for cannon fodder when they come of age. Hitler trained Germany's youth to be soldiers. He had them marching in grade school. Will we be doing that soon? Or will we wait until they are of draft age before we start getting them ready to kill and be killed?

We've had ROTC on campuses for a long time, maybe now is the time to start it in kindergarten. I can hear the government's business buddies saying, "Hey, that's not a bad idea. They will need uniforms and special books, and maybe by the time they are in high school we can start training them to shoot. We can increase our manufacturing profits with these new businesses. Hey, it will keep them off of the streets."

Is that the answer?

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December 25, 2003

This morning I am going to visit my Daughter, Samantha, her husband, Chris and my two grand-children, Lydia and Nate. They bring great joy to my heart, as do my other children, Candace and Torre. I feel so blessed; it's hard to describe. In this world of hate, greed and corruption, my family make it worth living. They are a shining light in a sea of darkness.

I know I am not alone. I'm sure others feel the same about their families. To those who feel as I do, know you are unique and be thankful. You made some good causes in the past to make this happen.  Keep on making good causes and remember those who aren't as fortunate you.

I hope the world brightens for those good souls out there, who are alone today.  My prayers go out to them.

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December 12, 2003

Now that I have made the commitment to this column, I am faced with that blank page. I love it!

According to the above date, there are thirteen days till Christmas. What better topic than Christmas, since my book is about Christmas. Christmas and Hollywood, that's what I'll write about. I've lived in Hollywood, off and on, throughout my life. As people in Hollywood do, I did many things. Of course I took acting lessons and got on the Hollywood stages, promoted music, wrote and published a song, met many celebrities, went to those parties, and was even an agent for a while. Not with one of the big impressive agencies, but with the Dimples Foxx Agency; a small office located in Beverly Hills. It was through Dimples that I renewed my acquaintance with Monti Rock. I have many stories about people, and you will find Monti's story on my site.

Usually the week before Thanksgiving, is the beginning of  the "very, busy" time for Hollywood. The cliche "I can't do anything until after the holidays" becomes the spoken phrase; you will hear it until sometime in February (we mustn't forget Valentines Day). Of course it is sometimes included with the other famous cliche. "Let's have lunch". 

 I hadn't heard that clich? for a long time because I moved out of Hollywood in 1986 and only go there to visit my friends. 

 I forgot to mention that these words are not uttered with a matter-of-fact attitude, but with great drama, as if the person is caught in a revolving door that is going to blow up in ten seconds. I managed to get in the fact that my screenplay was completed and I was mailing it to her. She said, "Fine." I said, "Happy holidays." She is really a nice person. I like her.

If I don't get another column written until "after the holidays," let me take this opportunity to wish you all "Happy Holidays" And, please, "Let's have lunch."

Your webmaster, Sam Younghans

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