Asian Art; Sculpture, Candle holder for sale.***
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Asian Art for sale
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If you would like to make an offer click here to a form you can use to contact me. Asian, ivory, sculptured, statue, candle holder, with beautifully sculptured figures of three semi-nude females, standing on three elephants, who are standing on a round podium encircled with fantasy animals, leopards, oxen, winged animals; below this are three dragons, who are supporting the whole structure. 18½” (0.5 m) high, weighing 10.5 lbs (4.7 Kilograms). Within all of this; there are boa constrictors, grapes, and many other objects sculpted into the statue. The value of this sculpture has not been determined. contact me

Sculpture 1  Sculpture

Sculpture 3

Sculpture 4

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Asian asian
asian asian
asian asian
asian asian
asian asian
asian asian


A WONDERFUL, FUN  story about Santa Claus. 
Your children will LOVE IT.
 A Christmas Story for children of all ages.


That is Sam playing Santa.
Besides writing, directing and producing Cancel Christmas, one season, I also performed in it.


Hear the Flasher Song           Hear Bring Back the Bad

** Notice ** Publishers, Producers and Directors interested in producing the screenplay, the play or publishing the book, please contact:

       The Marion Wright Agency "WG"
       4317 Bluebell Ave.,
       Studio City, CA 91604
       (818) 766-7307

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   There is a Spanish version of Cancel Christmas that will soon be available.

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Reading to my Son, Torre in 1965

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Benefits and fund raisers are being scheduled for the
production of the play in Ashland, Oregon.

If you would like to be involved in this project,
receive acting, dancing, and voice lessons
 please call (714) 330-2135

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