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New Kensington PA Alumni,
High School Memories and Class Reunions

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For the Alumni of Ken Hi - New Kensington, PA
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Ken Hi - Valley High
New Kensington PA Alumni,
High School Memories and Class Reunions
  This site is dedicated to the people of New Kensington and the areas surrounding New Kensington. This is for those people who want to post memories (printed or photos) of the town and it's people. I was born in New Kensington (Ridge Avenue), and will never forget those wonderful times. I attended the third Ward Elementary School and seventh grade at Ken High, then my family moved to Springdale.  
       I can still see the gym, the class rooms and the walks to and from school as if it were yesterday. My friends and I were Downtown at the movies, watching Buck Privates with Bud Abbott and Lou Costello. It was Sunday, my Dad picked us up after the movie because it was dark. It got dark early in December. He gave us the news on the way home. It was December 7th 1941.
        I will post some photos that I have, but this is for you, so don't hesitate to email me. I will post any written comments that you would like to submit. If you have photos, I prefer that you have them scanned and email them to me in a jpg format. However if there is no scanner available, send them by post with a self addressed stamped envelope and I will scan them, then return them to you. Welcome, New Kensington. - Sam Younghans


New Ken and Arnold/1960 is hosting 70 plus birthday/reunion on 9/8/12. Held at the Eagles on Freeport Rd. in New Ken at 6pm.$15a person food and dessert. Cash bar. Can contact me at

Seeking an alumni person to take over this web site. There doesn't appear to be an Alumni Association in New Kensington. I found a web site that is trying to cash in on the Alumni by setting up a site and then getting people to register and probably charging a fee. I don't do that.

I was thinking of the New Kensington Alumni Association, but there doesn't seem to be one. If there is one, I would like the New Kensington Alumni Association to take over the site, so that it can continue to serve the New Kensington Alumni. I want to give it to them - I never charged any one to be on that site, like does. It was meant to support the Alumni. This was done in 1999 for the 2000 All-Class Reunion, and still continues. I will help with the transfer and answer any questions. highest offer. I never wanted

Someone has set up an alumni site that is not connected to the alumni association - they require a registration in order to get your email address for spamms and ads.

Class of 1963 reunion:

Friday Sept 13 Golf Outing Birdsfoot Golf Club 10:00 AM: $50.00

Friday Sept 13 at VFW Informal Get Together 6:00 PM in Lower Burrell: $20.00

Saturday Sept 14 Tennis Outing: no cost: contact Wayne Schuricht 817 263-5587

Saturday Sept 14 at Hillcrest Country Club The Main Event 6:00PM: $55.


Sam   NewKenGal    Sam
(I believe I found information about her) I was looking for this girl. She was the most beautiful girl I ever knew. She lived in New Kensington around Third Avenue and 7th or 8th Street. Her name is Beverly Keitzer. The name was given to me by her neice, Lisa Rodriquez. More to come about her.
Contact me at: New Ken Gal
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Sam Younghans - Class of 1947

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submitted by Thomas E. Russell Class of 1967 from Akron, Ohio

Do you remember the locations of the many stores and businesses in New Kensington? Click here to go to the list. Help complete the list. If you submitted to this form in the past and it was added to the site, please forgive me. I have changed computers a number of times and also changed over from PC to Mac, so I lost a lot of emails, that I had intended to post. Please try me again. Also, I would like to see someone take over this New Kensington site. I am getting older, and would like to see it continue on after I am gone. I am very busy working on "Cancel Christmas", a musical play and a book that I wrote some time ago. I plan to produce the play here in Ashland, Oregon. The book is published! Click here to view.
I need some sponsers in order to produce my play in a good venue. If anyone is interested in helping me. Please contact me:

I ran across a web site that has a forum that deals with memories and stories about New Kensington.

There are also notices by people who believe in the town and are doing something about bringing New Ken back to a great place to live. Here is a link to one of them from the Ninth Street Cafe on Fourth Avenue and Ninth Street.

I went to Ken Hi during the second world war (you remember, the war, that was after the war, that would end all wars.) I moved away from New Kensington a long time ago, but memories of the times spent there are still fresh in my mind. I would love to talk to some of those old school buddies. If you read this and know any of them, please, tell them about this site. Some of the ones I remember are: Gilbert Asher, Richard Bloom, Ed Weber, Sonny Ciancutti, Ed Hadad, Sonny Valentine.

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Welcome to the New Kensington Pages. Your Webmaster has a request.  I'm looking for old photos (buildings, points of interest, postcards, etc.) of New Kensington and surrounding areas for a memorabilia page. Your photos will have your name on them as the submitter.  Contact Me On the contact form where it says "Subject of this email" please enter "Photos for you" .  I will email you directions on how to send your photos. Thank you. Sam 

This photo was submitted by Lona Dee Laughlin Boudreaux.

Kenmar Postcard

Tribute to Willie Thrower (I'm sorry, this link no longer works.)

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Below is an old photo of the "East All Stars" taken in 1945 or 1946. In 1946 Ken Hi, East Deer and Springdale won  the `WPIAL' championships for their class: "AA," "A" and "B"


Hulton Bridge
Oakmont Hulton Bridge Trolley   1901 - 1920