Hi God! God Said:
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When you speak to God, the creator of the Universe; is it in the form of a request, a question, or gratitude?


Who, or what, is God?
I don’t know, nor does anyone else know. It is all conjecture! Something - something, created the universe and the world we live in. I call that something, God. Why? Because it is used the most in many languages. That doesn’t mean I know anything. It is a term used to simplify the acknowledgement of that creator. I talk to that creator, but I don’t expect an answer.

Why do I talk to something that I know nothing about? That is a good question – I guess I am as nutty as the rest of humanity. Some of my answers to that question won’t make any sense, but when did that ever stop me?

The number one reason I talk to God is that it makes me feel good. I like feeling good. When I talk to God, I am grateful for my life, and for all of the love and happiness in my life. I do make a couple of requests, such as: let the universal forces remove all negative thoughts and actions, such as hate and greed, from this planet, protect all from harm and evil, and deliver healing energy to all.

I do this more for myself than any other reason. It keeps me aware of my actions, and away from all of the negativity that tries to rear it’s ugly head. Also, I know that by keeping my mind in that state, it projects on to others. This makes me happy – again, a selfish motive.


Socrates: Born 470/469 BC, died 399 BC, age 71.  Plato: Born 427 BC, died 347 BC, age 80.
The words of Socrates came through Plato and Xenophon. Plato or Xenophon’s writings are closer to the truth, of what they were quoting, than the later day editors of Jesus. Plato was a follower of Socrates, and therefore kept his word close to what Socrates said; he didn’t enhance, or manipulate them, as the manipulative, editing priests did with the words of Jesus. Had the words of Socrates been followed, instead of the words of the bible, our world would be a better place to live today.

What is amazing to me is the fact that those high and mighty government officials, of that time, or since, didn’t censor those writings. I figure that most of them didn’t read, or were to busy manipulating the people to notice those words.

Those true words slipped through the ages, and are with us today; for the most part, pretty much as they were spoken at the time. I hope I haven’t given anyone ideas about censorship. I would like to believe it is too late for that; hopefully the word is in too many places for that to happen.

It is not possible to read the written words of Jesus that are in any ways near to the truth of what Jesus actually said. I imagine if Jesus were to return to this planet, and was interviewed about his past life, his answers to most questions about, what did he mean when he said, this or that, would probably be, “I never said that!.” I believe God would answer the same way. I am amazed at the amount of people who quote God, like they got it first hand.

Which brings up another thought: Who decided the fact, that humans (not mankind) were designed in God’s image? First, who chose the word “mankind”? Was it a woman? Hardly! A man, somewhere, who felt he was superior to women, came up with that name.

Second, I believe God has no image, nor does God have a gender, that we know of. God is an energy, or force that is universal. Why would God choose such an ugly thing as a human body to be in the image of God? Before you start, there are some beautiful people on this planet, and some people, who have beautiful souls. I am speaking of the selfish, greedy people, who are among us today, making this a miserable planet to live on.


According to many, we all have a Guardian Angel. I don’t know how it happened, but when I read that we all have a Guardian Angel, I realized that I had named my Guardian Angel, God. It is said that you should speak to your angel often. I speak to God every morning. I thank God for another day on this beautiful planet. I thank the Forces of the Universe, God, my Guardian Angel, whatever name you choose, or whoever is behind all of this manifestation of our existence on this planet. I believe this force binds us all together, whether we like it or not. So God, the Forces, Etc. are within us all. When we talk to ourselves, we are talking to God.

I believe they are all one in the same, so any name is applicable. I chose God because of my early religious education, and because it is the strongest, shortest, and most respected of all words.

Thankfully, at an early age, I managed to learn to think for myself, so I realized the falseness of religion and it’s keepers. I have come to realize the falseness and manipulations edited into the bible, in order to manipulate and control the people. It is in the “book!” God said this, Jesus said that; if that force could use a microphone, the first statement would, in most probability, be, “I didn’t say that!”

So, God is the Creator of the Universe, my Guardian Angel, Mother Nature, Cosmic Force, and many more things. God doesn’t sit on a throne in a place named heaven, and he doesn’t speak only for words in the bible. You can hear the voice of God anytime you desire, by shutting up and listening. Once you learn to shut up, to listen, freeing your mind of all thoughts, you will begin to hear. Once you begin to hear, look in the mirror.

The God of the Universe gave us love;
A love that comes from far, far above.
A love that started with one tiny spark,
From the Creator, who lit up the dark.

In the beginning, we were all one.
When we love ourselves, we love everyone.
If we first love ourselves, the love will start.
A love that comes from deep in your heart.

If we first love ourselves, our love will spread,
Like honey on a slice of homemade bread.
So let out your love, let it flow free.
Start it by saying, “I love me.”

Soon it will grow, and you will love everyone.
You will make everyone glow like the noonday sun.
When we all realize that we are all one,
Then happiness and peace have just begun.