Oprah Winfrey
Oprah Winfrey
Art work by Cindi Valverde, Illustrator of CANCEL CHRISTMAS,


This is a letter I sent to Oprah Winfrey through her company in Chicago. I also included a bound, illustrated, copy of the book CANCEL CHRISTMAS.

Dear Oprah: I am addressing this to the people who filter your mail.

To those people filtering the mail; I would like to name drop, so as to possibly get this to Oprah. The following were friends (I have known them for years, been in their homes and had some interesting experiences with them): Sarah Vaughan, Sergio Mendez, Sammy Davis Jr., Shelley Winters, Dionne & Dee Dee Warwick, Harry Guardino, The Vagabonds, Richard Eagan and Lord Buckley to name a few. The following are a few of the many people I have worked with or have known through friends: Johnny Mathis, Johnny Carson, Stevie Wonder, Frank Sinatra, Redd Foxx, Ray Bolger, Walter Pidgeon, Tay Garnet, Mary Wilson (Supremes), Ron Howard, Whoopie Goldberg and more. You can read stories about them and see others on: www.parsec-santa.com/celebrity.

I am 81 years old, and most of my friends are dead, and I am out of contact with the ones still living – I know many won’t remember me. I am still very active, as you can see by my resume. I sometimes work as a supernumerary for the LA Opera. Before you delete this, please check my work and my background on my site. I also run a web site for “Greedo” of Star Wars and “Monti Rock III,” who resides in Las Vegas.

I wrote a children’s play, along with a book Cancel Christmas (included in this envelope) and also a screen play. The play has been produced many times and people comment that it is a wonderful story; just what the children need in these days of hate and selfishness. See more on www.bogwig.com.

If you have read this far, thank you. I need help getting my illustrated book published and the screenplay produced. I know some of my past friends would have helped me; I am hoping I can enlist your assistance and leave this planet with a smile on my face, knowing my book may help some child somewhere in the world. I am not requesting money, only a contact with a producer or publisher who will take a good look at my book and illustrations.


Samuel Younghans


The  OMEGA, the last ship to leave the planet Earth.
by Sam Younghans - 1973